Acle Village Masterplan - third newsletter.

Acle Village Masterplan

Newsletter, 4th December 2012

Please find below a summary of the comments made at the business and community consultation events held at the beginning of November 2012. Thank you to all those who attended and for subsequent comments that have been received.

  • Limited business attendance, with only one business not represented on the Village Team attending
  • Some apologies received for the event, some businesses attended on the Saturday instead
  • Attendees commented that it is vital to catch the attention of businesses to secure the future success of the village
  • Attendees also noted that whilst few businesses have responded to the event, there was enthusiasm to consider how local businesses can work more closely together.
  • Good attendance throughout the day
Place of residence of attendees:

Of those that attended the Community Consultation meeting, 30 individuals / groups put stickers on our plan to show where they lived as follows:
  • Acle: 25
  • Upton: 2
  • Reedham: 1
  • Freethorpe: 1
  • Halvergate: 1
In summary, a total of 66 positive responses and 75 negative responses were received

General positive themes emerging - from discussions and written responses:
  • Good selection of social and sports clubs and facilities
  • Excellent transport links (buses in particular, partly because they are cheaper than the train)
  • Independent butchers are very good
  • Good surgery and other social / healthcare facilities
  • ‘The village has everything we need and is a lovely place to live!’
General negative themes emerging –from discussions and written responses:
  • Would like to help with events, but difficult to become involved
  • Poor access to information on the village, better advertising is required
  • Footpaths require better maintenance
  • Social club and sports pitches could be more welcoming
  • More amenities for younger population required
  • Dominance of the car throughout the village – lack of pavements, green too small, lack of crossing points
  • No sense of there being a centre to the village
  • More events required for the whole village to participate in
  • Access to facilities at the  Rec Centre could be improved, some facilities should be open to the public
  • More dog bins are required
  • Street scene could be improved – shop frontages etc
  • Support and recognition required for new businesses
  • Footpaths could be more joined up.

We continue to receive comments from members of the public and stakeholder groups, if you do have further comments please contact either Ross or Kate on 07827 240059/07974 363991 or /

Having now completed our baseline research and consultation which looked at the local economy, community, property market, environment and place marketing, we have established seven key issues for the town. We are now in the process of devising projects and initiatives that will help to mitigate these issues and are due to meet with the Village Team at the end of December to discuss our emerging ideas. In the New Year we will work with the Village Team to start to progress the projects and initiatives.

If you have any queries on the Village Masterplan please do not hesitate to contact either Ross or Kate on 07827 240059/0797 436 3991 or /

Please note that this is a summary of the consultation and in no way represents advice or recommendations from Ingham Pinnock Associates.
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