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Ingate on the Move

August 2018 issue

Meet Ingate at IP EXPO Nordics September 19th - 20th

Ingate’s SIParator Real-Time Session Firewall SBC is a key component in enterprise UC and SIP trunking installations. PBX vendors, system integrators and carriers that reach out to Ingate achieve the best integration with undisputed security, quality and reliability, while also resolving interoperability issues. Meet Ingate to talk about your installations and the challenges with the changing landscape of business communication.

Contact to book a meeting in advance.

Ingate at Dia Neocenter “Growing the Cloud”, Mexico City October 11th

Dia Neocenter “Growing the Cloud” will take place in Mexico City the 11th of October. Ingate will as Gold Sponsor exhibit and present Ingate’s SIParator® SBC RTS-FW High Availability Cloud Services and SIP Trunking Services. Contact to learn more and book a meeting.
Ingate’s SIParator SBC RTS-FW On-Premise, in Private or Public Cloud
Select which is best in each case (public or private cloud or on-premise). All Ingate solutions directly support the large mission-critical PBX installations using Avaya, Mitel, Cisco and ALE (Alcatel) which are mostly still copper connected, so carriers can offer their SIP trunking services without requiring the PBX vendor’s own E-SBCs.
The Most Versatile, Powerful and Cost-Effective SBC
Delivering SIP-based telephony/UC from the carriers’ SIP core directly to the IP-PBX and UC solution at the enterprise LAN is highly valuable for carriers now closing their copper (ISDN, PRI) networks.

Ingate SIParator® Stretching all the Way to the PBXs on Private Networks is the Obvious Choice for Multivendor UC Environment

IP-PBXs from Avaya, Mitel, Cisco, Microsoft Lync/SfB, NEC, ALE (Alcatel) and other large PBXs are often used in combination, making Ingate’s SIParator the obvious SBC choice for enterprise UC interconnection and SIP trunking. The Ingate SIParator simultaneously supports multiple different IP-PBXs without the need for additional vendor-specific SBCs and is therefore ideal, both when there is a single vendor VoIP and UC enterprise environment and when there is equipment from multiple vendors.
Ingate SIParator® / Firewall SBC RTS-FW Just Runs and Runs – Unequalled Reliability,
Security and Quality 

Reliability, quality and cost is of utmost importance when the copper (ISDN, PRI) network is being closed. Ingate SIParator is therefore the SBC choice for all mission-critical telephony solutions when moving from copper to IP SIP trunk connections.
The Ingate SBCs (the SIParator®) have secure firewalling on all ports, dynamically open for the media in use only, and also have IDS/IPS, authentication, brute force prevention for the SIP signaling and more. No extra firewalls are required (and non-SIP-aware firewalls cannot do such advanced protection anyway). ITSPs not using Ingate for their SIP trunking services typically hand off their SIP trunks outside the customer LAN, requiring another SBC for the PBX to connect to the SP’s SIP trunk.

Newcastle Ramps Up SIP Trunk Deployments With Ingate 

"We recommend an Ingate SIParator SBC for every phone system we install,” said Brianna Gallowe, Customer Support and Operations Manager, Newcastle Communications. Full article here

Sign Up for Ingate SIParator® Training in October

Through practical exercises, this training will give you a better understanding of the Ingate SIParator SBC to enable SIP trunking and all SIP-based UC applications, and how to manage the product efficiently.
For: Engineers who work with the Ingate SBC, SIParator products
Date: October 3rd - 4th
Place: Stockholm office

Training can also be arranged at your location.

For more information or to obtain a quote contact Helena at for training in Europe. Please contact Steve Johnson at for a quote for training in North or South America.

Updated Ingate Training Now Available Through The SIP School

New and updated course material is now available through The SIP School. This training covers the installation and troubleshooting of the Ingate SIParator’s latest software releases. Please visit for more information.

New SIParator® Software Release 6.1.4 – Download Now

Release 6.1.4 of the Ingate SIParator®/Firewall is now available and continues Ingate’s commitment to improving its products’ security and stability.
Upgrading from 5.0.X to release 6.X.X of the Ingate SIParator®/Firewall is major and adds very useful enhancements, including new functions and features described in the July newsletter such as: 
Release 6.X.X made Ingate SIParator® ideal for the largest cloud services 
Version 6.X.X of Ingate’s SIParator® / Firewall further strengthened the already-powerful firewall data and SIP security protection capabilities, especially for large cloud SIP and WebRTC services where TLS and WSS signaling are used and made Ingate’s SIParator ideal for the largest cloud services.

Strengthened firewall and SIP routing security
A magnitude increase in protection and privacy of SIP and WebRTC signaling, combined with up to 20,000 media sessions or 10,000 WebRTC – SIP converting media sessions for large cloud SIP and WebRTC services where TLS and WSS signaling are used, including novel CPU saturation protection, multi-core SSL initialization offload, brute force SIP authentication protection active in SIP proxy pass-through mode, enhanced SIP IDS/IPS protection, installed and customer-extendable rule packs and SIP signaling rate limiting in two levels. 

General and full IPv6 support 
Full IPv6 support, for SIP and other functions, including VPN and general firewall functions. SIP signaling passing the SIParator SIP proxy can independently use IPv4 or IPv6 as needed for all SIP transports: UDP, TCP, TLS, WS and WSS.

ICE and WebRTC support added
WebSockets and WebSockets Secure WS/WSS are supported for SIP transport allowing WebRTC browser-based SIP clients and the typically open ports 80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS to be used.  Also, a general high-capacity media proxy supporting transcoding of WebRTC-type of media (DTLS-SRTP) to SIP-type of media (RTP/SRTP), using ICE or not, and RTCP-MUX termination are supported. 

For more information on the 6.1.4 release, please view the release notes. Details of the major enhancements when upgrading from 5.0.X are described in release notes 6.0.1. Log in and download the latest software here.

Ingate in the News

Ingate partners up with Neocenter in Mexico 

Ingate and Neocenter will together aim on offering the best SIP Trunking and Unified Communication solutions for the Mexican market.

Newcastle Ramps Up SIP Trunk Deployments with Ingate Systems 
“Ingate products are easily configured to meet the unique needs of each customer, and they provide a high level of security. Also, the sales engineering and technical support are top notch. We even recommend Ingate to other NEC dealers", said Brianna Gallowe, Customer Support and Operations Manager, Newcastle Communications

Ingate Selected for Municipal SIP Trunking in Canada 
Ingate SBCs have enabled more than 11 million calls annually from 33 contact centers across the province since 2013.

Ingate Weigh In on SBC Trends 
From virtualization to security, session border controller capabilities continue to evolve. 

Ingate Recognized as Gazelle in Dagens Industri

Dagens Industri profiled established companies that at least doubled their growth for the past four years, and at the same time had organic growth and healthy finances. 

We're Looking for Resellers to Grow With Us in Your Region!

Benefits of teaming up with Ingate Systems and becoming a reseller partner:
  • You get reliable market-proven E-SBC products delivered by a reputable supplier that's easy to work with
  • Competitive session pricing and positive ROI
  • Access to Ingate pre-sales training, free of charge
  • Direct support for technical recommendations
  • Support for marketing, sales and implementation
  • Ingate trials for FREE
  • Attractive margins
  • An E-SBC interoperable with the leading IP-PBXs and ITSPs; click here to see a list of confirmed IP-PBXs and ITSPs
For more information contact

Try Ingate Free for 30 days

Try out our Ingate SIParator/Firewall E-SBC, including SIP and SIP trunking features, free for 30 days.  Ingate products enable SIP trunking in a matter of minutes. Click here to start your trial or click here to get in touch with your local reseller now. Contact if your application is on a Amazon (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or OpenStack (NFV) cloud.
Ingate’s mission is to enable the best access for telephony, global real-time
and unified person-to-person communication for everyone.
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