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Ingate on the Move

June 2022 issue
We Thank Steve Johnson, "Mr. SBC" for his 20 Years of Service
After 20 years of service, Steve Johnsson retired from Ingate Systems Inc., Swedish Ingate Systems AB’s fully owned US subsidiary. During his time, the communications industry changed dramatically from traditional PSTN service to Voice over IP using SIP and Steven Johnsson brought the best-in-class Session Border Controller, the Ingate SIParator® to the American market.

Ingate Streamlining Its US Operation

With Steve Johnson’s retirement, Ingate has streamlined its US operation by expanding its 13-year relationship with its partner Computer Telephony Distributing (CTD) in South Carolina, which now is servicing the vast majority of Ingate’s US customers at the same terms as before.  
Customers have since long interfaced with CTD through the Ingate Help Desk which they successfully have staffed together with Ingate Systems AB for over a decade. CTD also holds inventory and ship hardware products to North American customers. CTD’s reputation in the industry is stellar and their support to Ingate customers is outstanding. In their now expanded distributor role, they will respond to all quote requests and fulfill POs for Ingate’s North American customers. Contact or 888-267-1388.
Ingate is also pleased to say that Ernesto Casas, that many customers have met for education, training, special projects and advanced support, will continue to support Ingate customers from his Florida location via Educronix LLC,

Release 6.4.1 of the Ingate SIParator® /Firewall® SBC

Release 6.4.1 of the Ingate SIParator® is available for the Ingate line of SBC appliances and for the software SIParator for virtual machines as well as for AWS and other cloud environments. The new version adds functions and features, has security and other enhancements and includes earlier customer-requested functions delivered as patches. See release notes for details. The most notable new functions are:

Support for Automated Deployment of X.509 Certificates Using the ACME Protocol
The Automatic Certificate Management Environment protocol allows the Ingate SIParator to e.g. use Let's Encrypt certificates that are both free and automatically renewed every third month, eliminating the need to manually buy and install SSL certificates that nowadays are frequently used for secure TLS connections. Any certificate provider supporting the ACME protocol can be used.
Advanced Client License (ACL) - A New Ingate Per User or Per Seat License
This license makes SIPoWS (SIP over WebSocket, RFC 7118) available[*] for implementing third party WebRTC browser clients, typically using JsSIP, and also adds the advanced and flexible HTTP Services described below, which are much more than ordinary HTTP Reverse Proxy functions.
* [Previously discussed SIPoWS licensing models are discarded]
HTTP Support for File Repositories, Load Balancing and CONNECT Tunnels
A repository defines storage for local and/or remote files available for download via HTTP. Requests to remote HTTP servers can be load-balanced using different schemes and algorithms. HTTP CONNECT tunnels to the Ingate SIParator are firewalled to specific servers (typically on an enterprise LAN).
These functions are used by a major PBX vendor for supporting Teleworkers (SIP phone users behind remote NAT/firewalls over the Internet) over MTLS connections with every additional TCP based feature, automatic configuration, and upgrades as if the PBX vendor’s phone appliances were connected on the enterprise LAN.
Splitter for Single Port (typically port 443) Usage of HTTP and Any WebSocket Traffic
The configuration of this WebSocket splitter allows selection of various WebSocket protocols to be handled locally and/or remotely. Plain HTTP/HTTPS traffic using the same port is also handled separately.
This makes the Ingate SIParator® the ideal border element for a wide range of voice and video applications, including and beyond SIP and WebRTC. The Ingate SIParator will both be the load balancing firewall for the application webserver(s) of a protected LAN for the voice and video service and on the same public IP address, on port 443, support RFC 7118 SIPoWSS (as well as SIP over TLS/MTLS on port 5061) at the same time doing all its media related NAT/firewall SBC handling, as well as supporting TURN and Ingate’s QTURN (re-TURN proxy). Media using RTP, SDES-SRTP, DTLS-SRTP for SIP and WebRTC are fully supported.
Ingate's Hardware SIParator®/Firewall® S22, S42 and S82 SBCs Available from Stock
Ingate has successfully managed all general supply problems and has met and is meeting its customer needs. In a previous newsletter we presented the SIParator®/Firewall® S42 and S82 while Ingate’s S22 base hardware SBC model was presented in this newsletter. Read more about the features and specifications of Ingate’s entire SIParator®/Firewall® range in our updated brochure and contact for any questions.

Sign Up for Ingate SIParator® Certification

Through practical exercises, this training will give you an understanding of the Ingate SIParator SBC to enable SIP trunking and all SIP-based UC applications, and how to manage the product efficiently.
For training in North or South America or at your location, contact For more information about Ingate's different certifications, click here.
For: Engineers who work with the Ingate SBC, SIParator products
Place: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and recent travel restrictions Ingate might postpone dates or offer online training instead. Contact and we will try to find the best solution possible.


Updated Ingate Training Available Through the SIP School

Updated course material is available through The SIP School. This training covers the installation and troubleshooting of the Ingate SIParator’s latest software releases. Please visit for more information.

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