Mobile finance –
next stop for agriculture

Issue no. 76
February 2014



In this issue

This issue of ICT Update looks at emerging innovations in mobile finance and outlines how they are revolutionising the agricultural value chain in ACP countries. These innvoations are creating alternative ways of making payments to farmers, giving them greater access to a range of financial services and reducing or eliminating supply chain credit risk.

Beyond cash

SmartMoney has grown from a small intervention targeting market inefficiencies between rural farmers and agriculture organisations to a community-wide rural payment and savings solution.

Reducing supply chain credit risk

A mobile platform called MoBiashara aims to reduce supply chain credit risk and compute an alternative credit scoring that promotes access to finance.

Big data for smallholders

The Financial Identity Risk Management solution will provide consumer protection while enabling lenders to offer credit that can improve a borrower’s life and life chances.

ICTs and agricultural entrepreneurship

The social penetration of ICT tools and the key role youth are playing in the development of ICTs for agriculture are creating important opportunities in the sector.




‘There is a growing need for more and higher quality agricultural production worldwide by more efficient and effective value chains. Sophisticated mobile financial tools that are used to facilitate more agricultural credit, savings, insurance, transfers or payments will be essential to making targeted value chains more efficient and effective.’

Lee H. Babcock and Chris Statham



There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that mobile financial services are having an impact at the household level in terms of stabilising consumption patterns, promoting savings and transitioning people to formal economic activity via mobile accounts.

Priya Jaisinghani, deputy director of Innovation and Development Alliances, USAID



The Rural Finance Learning Centre (RFLC) offers on its online portal a wealth of easily digestible information products on all things rural finance. The centre helps organisations in developing countries to build their capacity to deliver improved financial services that meet the needs of rural households and businesses.