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September 2019 - No. 94

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#AGRF2019: Grow digital!

CTA is a partner of African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF), the most important global event focussing on the continent’s agricultural transformation. In 2019, CTA’s Digitalisation of African Agriculture 2018-2019 Report will act as the key knowledge product for the event guiding this year’s theme: Grow Digital: Leveraging Digital Transformation to Drive Sustainable Food Systems in Africa. Between 2-6 September, CTA will also lead a number of events including an opening plenary panel discussion and the Pitch AgriHack Competition which will award the most innovative youth agricultural start-ups. We also welcome visitors to our stand. Follow us on #AGRF2019 and #D4Ag and discover our recent publications related to digitalisation, innovation and transformation!


The digitalisation of African agriculture report 2018-2019: Executive summary

Agricultural transformation is a priority in the policy agenda of African governments in their quest to meet the challenges of food and nutrition insecurity, climate change, youth unemployment and overall economic growth. With the right policies, innovation and investment, the continent’s agriculture could be transformed into a powerhouse not only to feed a growing population but to create decent employment for millions of young people.

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Data4Ag: Using data to transform smallholder farming

Digitalisation of agriculture is driving an exponential growth in the amount of data on agriculture being collected. This calls for new tools and approaches to gather, manage, analyse and use this data. CTA’s project, Data4Ag: Agricultural data systems to transform smallholder farming, focuses on transforming smallholder agriculture through the use of data management by agri-enterprises.

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Innovate for agriculture: Young ICT entrepreneurs overcoming challenges and transforming agriculture

The report introduces 30 young innovators, 21 featured with full stories, and nine other "innovators to watch". They come from countries including Barbados, Botswana, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Jamaica, Senegal, Tanzania. The publication presents a multidimensional picture of the emerging field of ICT entrepreneurship in agriculture in developing countries. It describes challenges but also successes already achieved. 

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Spore 188: Agricultural trade - Transforming the informal economy

The Dossier is about transforming the informal economy. The trends article shows how angel investors are jumpstarting agripreneurs and pushing them to profitability. This issue of Spore also features an interview with Dr Benjamin Kwasi Addom, Team Leader ICT4Ag at CTA, who explains why ICTs are integral to agricultural transformation.

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ICT Update 91: Next-generation ACP agriculture – innovations that work

Digital as well as other technical and institutional innovations underpin the success of agriculture in developing countries in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP). Such innovations are encouraging a new generation of young ‘agripreneurs’ to tackle agri-food challenges, explore ways to build resilience to climate change, and improve the incomes and livelihoods of people in agriculture.

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Latest releases

The agriculture-nutrition-income nexus in Fiji

Agriculture in Fiji contributes 9% of gross domestic product and absorbs 40% of the labour force. Over 70% of the population is engaged in subsistence and semi subsistence agriculture. Insufficient production capacity, inconsistent quality and limited knowledge of the nutrient and health benefits make local fruits, root crops, seafood and vegetables uncompetitive. Numerous policies, programmes and organisations shape the agriculture-nutrition-income agenda but with mixed results and very limited impact.

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Financing agribusiness and value chain development in the Pacific

The agriculture sector, a major source of food and livelihood for up to 80% of the population in Pacific Island Countries, is under-funded. Lending to the sector is less than 2%, despite its contribution to gross domestic product (GDP). Transforming the Pacific agri-food system to address the major socio-economic challenges – malnutrition, high dependence on imported foods, unemployment and climate change – will require targeted public and private investments. 

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Best seller

Why Invest in ICTs for agriculture?

With the ability to reach many farmers with timely and accessible content, the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) for agriculture (ICT4Ag) has the potential to transform farming and food production, worldwide. ICT4Ag supports new methods in the monitoring and management of soils, plants and livestock (precision agriculture), access to online markets, and improved communication between value chain stakeholders, among others.

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