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Women and agribusiness newsletter - 30 October 2019
The 2019 AWIEF conference is taking place this week in Cape Town, South Africa, focusing on ‘Enhancing Impact: Digitalisation, investment and intra-African trade’. In light of this, our recent articles are celebrating women agripreneurs in Africa.


The challenges and opportunities for scaling up women agribusinesses

Women entrepreneurs face numerous obstacles that constrain development of their agribusinesses, yet there are innovative means and opportunities for scaling up.

Scaling up: women agripreneurs on the rise in Africa

Manka Angwafo: “A good business is a good business regardless of gender”

Field report
Malawian agribusiness hub sets its sights on European markets


“Women entrepreneurs should be considered as drivers of a country's growth"

Diariétou Gaye, world bank director of strategy and operations for the Africa region, looks at the findings of the report ‘Profiting from Parity’ on the potential of women entrepreneurship for the continent.

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Bottling the flavours of Botswana

To reduce fruit waste and capitalise on indigenous crops, entrepreneur Bonolo Monthe is producing a range of award winning ‘super food’ preserves. 

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Vertical farms raising women’s incomes in Uganda

Over 880 landless women in urban slums are being trained by local NGO, Women Smile Uganda to grow crops in vertical gardens with drip irrigation.

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Are digital solutions sufficient to catalyse women's agribusinesses?

Digital interventions must be paired with complementary, non-digital solutions
Rupert Scofield, President, Finca International

What do we really know about digital solutions catalysing agribusiness in Africa for women?
Chernay Johnson, Engagement Manager and Women in Tech Champion, Cenfri and insight2impact

Why mobile technology might not increase opportunities for women in agriculture
Natalia Pshenichnaya, Head, AgriTech and CleanTech Programmes, GSMA

Digital solutions alone are not sufficient: there is more to it
Ian Hetri, Digital marketer and CEO of The PNG Business

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