4th April 2014
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Hi <<First Name>>,

These days grain-free diets seem to be gaining popularity.  

Just as any kind of "diet" that leaves out a whole category of food usually does - people do lose weight on it.  

Are grains really bad for us? It's true that we do not need to live on grains. We have starchy vegetables and legumes that can provide slow release carbs. 

But I would beware of any gross generalization. What your body recogises and can utilise as food often depends on your ancestry, among many other factors.

Rice is eaten by half of the world's population, and it is everywhere if you live in Asia. Domestication of this grain is believed to be earlier than 10,000 years ago, based on archaeological evidence.

Should you be eating it?  Is brown rice healthier than white rice? Is it harder to digest? What does soaking do? Read below article to find out more...

Is Brown Rice healthier than White Rice? Should you be eating grains? >>> (Part I)

Hope it helps to clarify a few things for you.  

Spring is here and the best time of the year to detox is NOW!

Read on to find out how chiropractor Dr. Belinda found the i-Detox program "life-changing"...

Read on also for all our April events including Easter chocolate and dessert making, Superfood Detox Intros and Superfood Happy Hour!

This Saturday 5th April is Ching Ming Festival and Public Holiday but we will remain partially open and have a small group sharing of therapeutic essential oils.  

You are welcome to come by do your shopping or attend the sharing session. 

Have a healthy and inspired month!

Anita Cheung
Founding Director of i-Detox

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Did you know that we provide LIFE TIME support to all our past Detox clients?  

It's because we believe that your body and needs change over time.  We take it as our job to support you to upgrade your nutrition, lifestyle, detoxify safely and effectively at a level you are comfortable with every time you come back to us.  

Dr. Belinda Forsyth

Dr Belinda Forsyth (chiropractor) first came to us in 2010, lost 25 lbs, kept her weight off, and she has since repeated her detox many times.  

In her own words:

"The team at i-Detox are knowledgeable, caring and always keeping up with the latest developments in natural healthcare. I first undertook the detox program in 2010 and it changed my life. After watching my Mother quickly pass from cancer my shock led me to find better ways to help my body stay healthy, despite the stresses of modern life.

The i-Detox program is easier that you might think it will be. By the end of it you feel like you could keep going for a few more weeks. I lost 10lb in 9 days the first time I did the program and over the following 6 months repeated the program at regular intervals to lose a total of 25lb. I had so much energy during the detox! I have kept the weight off over the past 4 years but like to repeat the program a couple of times a year to keep my body functioning optimally.

Anita and the team have also introduced me to the Young Living range of essential oils which I have found to add another layer of natural healing to my life. As someone who is very sensitive to fragrances I was amazed at how I had no reaction with these oils as they are the highest quality oils. I have noticed many changes in my body from using them daily."

<Note: Dr Belinda has recommended Valor and Panaway blends the most for post adjustment care.  Dr Belinda incorporates various healing modalities in her holistic treatment and she practises out of Optimal Health Chiropractic.>

Superfood Open House and Detox Intro (2014)

12th April 2014 (Sat) 10:45am to 12:45pm


26th April 2014 (Sat) 10:45am to 12:45pm

$100/person covering food cost
  • A crash course to self care
  • Incorporating superfoods and detox into your daily life 
  • Metabolic impact of stimulants and stress
  • Why not all detox programs are the same
Click here for details >>>

Part II (1pm to 2:15pm) is Detox Program Orientation open only to detox participants

(Click on image to read about our signature and flexible detox program)

Note: If you can come to group orientation but would like more personalised attention and customisation, additional private consultation is available starting 30 mins.  
Register to talk CLICK HERE
Past Detox Clients CLICK HERE

Self Care with Essential Oils 

Build your natural home and travel first-aid and wellbeing kit…

  • Combat jetlag
  • Prevent cold and flu
  • Heal allergies
  • Relieve aches and pains
  • Improve mental focus
  • and much more...

(You are welcome to bring your own essential oils at home for comparison in this small group session.)

5th April (Sat) 10:45am to 12:45pm


15th April (Tues) 7pm to 9pm

By donation

Click here to read more >>>

Raw Dessert Playshop (Easter 2014)
14th April 2014 (Monday) 7 to 9pm

Guilt-free indulgences and free of gluten, dairy and soy...
  • Raw vegan lemon blueberries "cheese" cake
  • Raw vegan ice-cream
  • Raw chocolate ganache and Easter chocolates 
$500 (one person) or
$390 (2 registering together)

Raw food chef Rosemary Schmid as special guest showing us smart ways to make Easter Chocolates with her Thermomix! ("The world's smallest kitchen", all-in-one kitchen equipment...)

<It's not obligatory that you use the Thermomix to make chocolates and explanation will be given on how to make chocolates at home with equipment you have>

Click here for more >>>

Superfood Happy Hour (2014)

24th April 2014 (Thursday) 7 to 9pm

Click on the image below for short video of our Grand Opening party (the Superfood Happy Hour would be less crowded we estimate)

$180/person (one person)
$150/person (two or more persons)

Click here for menu and details >>>

Drop in anytime!  But we would appreciate registration to help us prepare enough food...

Anita's Wellness Blog

What makes a great healer (video with Anita Moorjani)

什麼是一個好的療者? 你如何療癒自己? (艾妮塔‧穆札尼)


Therapeutic Bodywork with Raindropâ„¢Oils

30% off FIRST session

deep tissue + lymphatic + hot stone
+ anti-bacterial and anti-viral therapeutic essential oils

speed recovery (e.g. flu, candida, parasite, injury)
facilitate detoxification
support structural re-alignment
improve blood circulation
balance the nervous system
promote deep and healing sleep
pain relief

Get more healing effect with same time investment...

Click here for details >>>

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Be well,
Anita and the i-Detox team

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