23rd Jan 2014
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Hi friend of i-Detox,

Happy 2014 again!

If you have just started a health regime or thinking about starting, I want to share below two short video clips from the conversations I had with my dear friend and client Anita Moorjani, with whom I share many common values.  

Spend a few minutes to watch the below and we hope it can save you lots of money and disappointment...!

Conversations with Anita Moorjani (Part I)

In case you did not know who Anita Moorjani is, she's the author of "Dying to be Me" (New York times best seller with over 1 million copies sold and translated into over 32 languages). She's from Hong Kong and she healed from her stage 4 cancer (lymphoma)  "spontaneously" after having a near death experience in 2006. Her recovery has been verified medically to be unexplainable. While she was in a coma and her family was told she would not wake up again, she experienced extreme clarity about life and why she got sick in the first place.  She has chosen to come back to tell her story.  (Both English and Chinese versions of her book are available at i-Detox and most bookstores.)

In part II of the dialogue with me, Anita Moorjani further illustrates from her more recent personal experience about catching herself in fear mode, how she did that, and what she thinks makes a "great healer".  <So yes, even you have cheated death, you still do need self care and awareness! :-) >

Anita Moorjani talks about how NOT to give your power away when it comes to healing, or life in general.  

I am deeply grateful for her generosity in giving her time in this project with me, given her packed world tour schedule.  

Our next upload will be insights for those who have lost a loved one - a topic we both feel strongly about sharing.

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I wish you wellness and fulfillment,

Anita Cheung
Holistic Health Consultant and Coach
Founding Director of i-Detox
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Be well and wise!
Anita and the i-Detox Team

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