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PD Postings Special Edition
Every month, ALIA PD Scheme Members receive PD Postings, a newsletter full of free learning activities to keep library and information professionals up-to-date and on top of their game. This is a benefit which is only available to ALIA Personal Members, but at a time when many people will be working from home and may have time to invest in PD, we are making this special edition freely available. It’s part of ALIA’s response to COVID-19, to support our Members and the sector during these difficult times. 

We hope you find this useful and inspiring. And if you’d like to join the ALIA PD Scheme or Proficiency Recognition Program, please do consider becoming a Personal Member of ALIA. And to our regular PD Postings recipients, look out for April PD Postings in your mailbox on 2 April. 



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New to working from home? Here are my tips for making it work March 2020
Kate Davis has put together her top tips for people who haven't had to work from home before.

A COVID-19 guide to working at home (from someone who did it for six years March 2020
This article addresses three working from home issues: dealing with feelings of guilt; cabin fever; and hermit brain.

Coronavirus: how to work from home, the right way March 2020
As companies around the globe roll out mandatory remote work, this article shares what you need to do to stay productive.

The coronavirus crisis is showing us how to live online March 2020
This New York Times article discusses how we can use technology to meet the crisis rather than simply distract ourselves from it.

Eight tips for teaching library sessions online March 2020
Ned Potter draws on experience to provide tips for retooling your sessions to work in a webinar type environment. 

Doing webinars and online meetings March 2020
The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) has put together these resources to help those who might be facilitating webinars for training or leading online meetings for the first time.

The COVID-19 online pivot: adapting university teaching to social distancing March 2020
Martin Weller, Professor of Education Technology at Open University, brings together a number of useful for resources for anyone looking to develop online learning courses and questions why it has taken the current crisis for distance learning to be taken seriously.  

What I know about being human and a librarian and teaching online March 2020
Rowena McGregor shares tips that help make a positive contribution to students and enjoy teaching online.

Preparing to take school online? Here are ten tips to make It work March 2020
This reference is for schools and other organisations engaged in planning for the many possible ways in which their institutions and surrounding areas may be asked or required to operate online.

Audible: stories help
Audible is making hundreds of titles available for free during the pandemic. The audiobook platform has said that, for as long as schools are closed, anyone can listen to a vast selection of its titles. No logins, credit card or passwords needed.  

Rapid transition to online learning: a 12-step emergency road map
This short program takes you through a simple step-by-step guide to maintain your continuity of teaching and learning when facing a rapid transition to remote learning during forced school closures. 

Thinking seriously about how things change March 2020
Matt Finch encourages us to know the difference between a useful scenario and speculation.
A period of isolation, self-imposed or otherwise, presents an opportunity to explore the topics you've been curious about, knowing that they can enrich your work in the library and information sector, but haven’t previously found time for. 



Open Culture offers a selection of more than 1500 free online courses where you can dive into all manner of subjects including tech, data science, marketing, leadership, literature and personal development. There are even courses specifically designed to help you understand the coronavirus itself.

The science of wellbeing
Yale's most popular class ever is now available free online. The course engages participants in a series of challenges designed to increase happiness and build more productive habits. 


'COVID-19 and the Libraries: Impact of' due 12 April 2020
The Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries eJournal invites papers from any library to submit proposals for a special issue on the above topic. The papers can be on such topics as best practices, case studies, staff experiences, proactive activities, organisational arrangements, decision making, innovative tools and processes, the psychological aspect of the disease, information strategies, philosophical concerns etc.


Planning for uncertainty with R. David Lankes | 12:00am AEDT 25 March 2020
Matt Finch will be speaking with R. David Lankes about how we can plan for the 'new normal' which awaits on the far side of the current pandemic. Participants are welcome to join in the online chat during the discussion; find out more and join in via the link at David’s website.

Libraries stepping up! Serving the needs of communities in crisis | 7:00am AEDT 27 March 2020
Library 2.0 is presenting a special pandemic mini-conference that includes presentations on promoting online services during quarantine; preparing your digital branch for increased use; and serving patrons in a crisis.

Real time sessions added to
The University of South Carolina’s School of Library and Information Science and Public Libraries 2030 want to make their expertise available to libraries using this time for professional development of staff. Numerous virtual live sessions are planned.

Public libraries respond to COVID-19 
Public Library Association (PLA), a division of the American Library Association, is providing free webinars featuring updates on the current status of the pandemic; examples of how libraries are dealing with closures and serving their communities virtually; and opportunities to share and learn from each other. The webinars will be recorded and made available on PLA’s on-demand webinars page

Safety, security, challenges, stress and coaching
Dr Steve Albrecht, who is internationally known for his expertise in high-risk HR issues, has offered to make his paid webinar recordings available to view for free to all members of Library 2.0 (free registration) up until 30 April. You will need to be logged in to see the videos. 

Wholehearted libraries
A global mini-conference was held on 10 March. The recordings for the keynote and regular sessions are now all posted at the main event page on Library 2.0. Please note that you need to be a member of Library 2.0 (free) to view them. Webinar sessions, among many others, include: Opening keynote panel; Finding the heart of library serviceLibrary leaders are failing librarianship: soft skills needed for human library leadership; and Putting the heart [back] into an online library.


The Library Pros special episode - Corona March 2020
In this special episode the Library Pros assemble a collection of librarians from around the globe (including Australia) to talk about the crisis and how our libraries and organisations have responded. Run time is 1:33:02.


You can virtually tour 1,200+ of the world’s most famous museums from home
Google Arts And Culture have teamed up with several hundred museums and galleries from around the globe to bring virtual tours and exhibitions of some of the world's most renowned places. To help begin the journey, they have compiled a top ten.
If you are a member of the ALIA PD Scheme, you can log and reflect on the hours you spend looking at PD Postings content as a whole, or you can log and reflect on individual activities that you explore, such as a single podcast or webinar.


Libraries and research in a COVID-19 world - resource list and some thoughts March 2020
Aaron Tay has compiled resources he has found most useful. Many were found using the hashtag #CovidLibrary.

Global health crises are also information crises: a call to action March 2020
Using COVID‐19 as an example, this opinion paper argues that global health crises are also information crises.

Language lesson: What is the difference between self-isolation, quarantine, corona, coronavirus and COVID-19? March 2020
There can be confusion about the right words during this crisis. This article encourages us to be be clear in our meaning.

Is lifelong learning the defining issue of our age? February 2020
This article expresses concern that lifelong learning is not being given the recognition it requires to support people of all regions, sectors and demographics to develop and maintain relevant, up-to-date skills.

Tim Berners-Lee expands Inrupt team to ‘restore power’ on the web February 2020
Inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, launched the start-up called Inrupt with the goal of redesigning the web as we know it.

Libraries could preserve ebooks forever, but greedy publishers won't let them March 2020
Caitlin McGarry looks into the controversies that exist around ebook lending.

Open access directory – a resource for making sense of the open access landscape March 2020
This post explains why the open access directory was created and outlines how it forms an important knowledge base for anyone seeking to learn about open access and its development.

National Library of Korea expands space for digital content creators March 2020
An interview with the new Chief Executive of National Library of Korea about a new maker space, and expanding the media centre to provide space and education for content-creators, as well as supporting teachers.

Five data analytics questions to help secure - or increase - your e-resource budget March 2020
Suggestions on how to assess the value that e-resources provide.
Below are some wellbeing resources to continue looking after yourself and others. For ALIA PD Scheme Members, if you learn something new from these links that you can take into your professional practice, then feel free to log and reflect on your time spent on the activity for PD points.


Self-care during a crisis: breathe, think and grow | 7:00am AEDT 27 March 2020
This webinar presentation is part of the Library 2.0 special pandemic mini-conference. As libraries deal with the global crisis of 2020, this presentation will cover how to take time out of your day to focus on yourself and to nourish your own growth.

Mental health and wellbeing during the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak
Lifeline are providing tips and strategies to look after ourselves and each other during these difficult times.

How to help an employee or colleague panicked by coronavirus March 2020
A lot of people have anxiety about coronavirus, but how do you aid those who are very anxious?

What Is the 4-7-8 breathing technique? April 2018
Proponents of this technique claim it can soothe a racing heart or calm frazzled nerves. It has been described as a 'natural tranquilizer for the nervous system'.

Smiling Mind
Smiling Mind is a non-for-profit web and app-based meditation program developed by psychologists and educators to help bring mindfulness into your life. They have produced a guide to managing stress and anxiety during these uncertain times.

Active by POPSUGAR
Access to over 500 workouts that are currently being provided for free.

Gratitude journal: a collection of 67 Templates, ideas, and apps February 2020
Focussing on the positive and what we are grateful for is an excellent way to maintain calm.

Cute puppy video March 2020
This doesn't count as PD, yet when all's said and done, cute puppies are marvellous for our wellbeing.



As an ALIA member, you can download over 180 LIS ebooks covering a wide range of relevant topics. Read them online or offline on a laptop or ereader. If it is the first time you have accessed ProQuest ebooks, please log into the ALIA website with your member details first, then create a new account following the link.


ALIA Member only Gale Information Science & Library Issues ejournal package gives you access to current and historical documents from numerous sources. When you access the LIS Journals package, you will be taken directly into the ALIA / GALE journals page where you can begin your searching.


Did you know you can enjoy Beamafilm for free with your ALIA Membership? They are Australia's only dedicated movie streaming channel for true stories and independent voices, supporting independent film by sharing more than 50% of net income with filmmakers. Access Beamafilm and enter the barcode beamaalia on the first screen to start watching today.


Write for INCITE magazine | Copy due 19 May
The digital space has transformed library products and services as well as the ways we communicate. We want to hear how your workplace has responded to changes in data retention laws, or what advocacy you’ve done to ensure that your users can access the information that they need. Share your experiences, so the industry can learn from them. Please read the guidelines on how to submit to INCITE.
#AusLibChat | 9:00pm AEDT 7 April
#AusLibChat is an Australian and New Zealand centred professional discussion on Twitter for library and information services students and professionals. Proudly presented by the ALIA New Generation Advisory Committee (NGAC), #AusLibChat is held on the first Tuesday of the month at 9:00pm AEDT. Next chat is on 7 April 2020, where the discussion theme is KINQ - Knowledge Industries Need Queering.

What's happening in your library? Share your news with so others have a complete picture of how libraries are responding to the pandemic.


Readers' advisory
Register by 21 April | 5 May – 25 May
This three week course will sharpen your skills to conduct a readers' advisory interview and improve confidence in recommending reading materials to patrons. Tools and resources to organise and promote collections to enhance access for readers will also be shared.
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