Volume 2 Issue 31, 6 August 2014


Hands off our places of learning

Damian Lodge | Sunday Tasmanian | 3 August 2014

ALIA President Damian Lodge wrote an opinion editorial in the Sunday Tasmanian expressing concerns about funding cuts and library staff in the education system, where their professional qualifications are not being recognised despite the fundamental role they play in supporting students within and beyond the classroom. Damian writes: 'If we want libraries to continue at the heart of our communities, to encourage a love of reading in children, to provide a safe environment for young people, to support students and learning, we need to draw a line and say “no more” to funding cuts.'

July ALIA Board meeting

A summary of the major issues considered at the July ALIA Board meeting is now available.

ALIA National 2014 Conference Dinner

Are you looking to re-connect and be inspired by your peers in the Library and Information sector? We have the perfect solution for you! Attending the ALIA National 2014 Conference Dinner is an important aspect of your professional development to be able to familiarise yourself with the key influencers of our industry. The conference dinner is the perfect opportunity to make new connections, re-connect with colleagues and reinvigorate your passion. Surrounded yourself with fellow attendees and get to know your industry in a low key, relaxed environment. Register now.

ALIA National 2014 Conference

Can’t make it to ALIA National 2014? The exhibition is better than ever this year, so why not stop in and check out the latest on offer from vendors. The exhibition is open to everyone for select sessions every day of the conference. Check out the open sessions here and stop by the registration desk to pick up your exhibition visitor's pass.

ALIA Information Online 2015 Conference

Just announced, our second keynote speaker for ALIA Information Online 2015 Conference is Erik Boekesteijn, Director of Doklab.

ALIA Interlibrary Lending Advisory Committee seeks new member

This ALIA committee has a position available, ideally for a participant from Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania or the Northern Territory. The role of the committee is to advise the ALIA Board on interlibrary lending and resource sharing policy and practice. The committee usually meets 6 – 10 times a year via teleconference and the work is not onerous. If you’re interested, please email the Committee Chair: Margarita Moreno –

ALIA Membership: Together we are stronger

Our strength comes from our membership. A strong ALIA means greater recognition for the profession, more resources for members and a stronger voice when it comes to advocacy for the industry. Jump online and renew now! Don’t forget we offer monthly direct debit for your membership fees and a reduced fee for graduates for their first two years in the profession after graduating from an ALIA Accredited course. Any questions, don't hesitate to contact us by phone on 1 800 020 071 or by email at  

Police charge student with hacking Frances Abbott scholarship files

Brad Norington | The Australian | 6 August 2014

NSW police have charged Freya Newman, a 21-year-old communications student from the University of Technology, Sydney, with unauthorised access to restricted data held in a computer which was allegedly leaked to online magazine, New Matilda.

Big Brother is watching: Why the government wants to keep your metadata

AAP | | 5 August 2014

The Federal Government’s National Security Committee (NSC) has signed off on mandatory data retention laws, which security agencies claim are ‘critical’ to fighting terrorism. The NSC approved laws to compel telecommunications and internet companies to keep customer metadata for at least two years.

Labor’s NBN ‘rushed, chaotic’, says audit

Annabel Hepworth and Mitchell Bingemann | The Australian | 5 August 2014

An independent audit of Labor's National Broadband Network has found the policy's formation was ‘...rushed, chaotic and inadequate’. The Abbott Government appointed former Telstra director Bill Scales to investigate the advice and processes that led to Labor's NBN policy between 2008 and 2010.

Digital content guide

A consumer guide to find safe and licensed digital content online has been developed and launched by a group of creative rights holders and industry associations. The website offers consumers help finding licensed content across ebooks, music, movies and TV, games and sport.

Adelaide's library in world's beautiful top 20

Brett Williamson | ABC | 5 August 2014

Take a bow South Australian State Library's Mortlock Wing. It’s in a top 20 list of the world’s most beautiful libraries, compiled by Travel and Leisure website.

New eresearch cloud allows researchers to share data across Australia

ABC | 29 July 2014

A new cloud-computing facility launched by the University of Tasmania will allow scientists all over Australia to store and share their data and work in virtual laboratories. The eresearch cloud can store up to 1.6 petabytes — there are 1,000 terabytes in a petabyte — of data and cost $8.75 million.  University Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Rathjen said in a statement the cloud was important in many ways, including its demonstration of the power of partnerships.

Fears over charges to students

Rosita Gallasch | The Examiner | 21 June 1014

Some TasTAFE courses could cost as much as a university degree under changes proposed by the federal government to introduce a VET Fee-HELP scheme into Tasmania. Tasmanian students would remain eligible for subsidies under the loan program already offered to universities, but concerns have been raised that only a small percentage of people are entitled to a subsidy for a diploma or advanced diploma course.

ASA petitions to keep SA state records independent

Australian Society of Archivists (ASA)

Australian Society of Archivists has launched an online petition to oppose the integration of the State Records of South Australia and the State Library of South Australia. You can follow the campaign and comments from this website.

Two public library events in Victoria

The first event is the launch of 'Creative Communities: The cultural benefits of public libraries' — a research report by the State Library of Victoria and PLVN. It will be held at 12pm, 8 August at the Queen's Hall, State Library of Victoria. 
The second event is the launch of REAL: Resource for Equitable Access to Libraries — a disability website and elearning program. It will be held at 2.30pm on 8 August at the Courtyard, State Library of Victoria. 

The Queensland Plan

QLD Government website | 31 July 2014

The Queensland Government last week launched The Queensland Plan, which provides a vision for the state’s policy direction and activities over the next 30 years. One of the goals is to ensure 100% of Queensland children have basic literacy and numeracy in primary school.

ANU’s new open access policy and procedures

The Australian National University (ANU) has supported open access through policies for some time and has just published a new revised Open Access policy and procedure. ANU now requires a deposit of a copy of most research outputs to the University research repository within 12 months of publication. The policy and associated procedures for research and education materials have been discussed extensively through university committees and reflect the changing landscape of publication, including recent directives from the Australian Research Council, the National Health and Medical Research Council and other funders.

Open data

ALIA Tasmanian State Manager Sally Murdoch recently attended some presentations on Open Data. Of interest was where you can request what data you’d like, vote or comment on proposals. Open data staff contact the relevant government department(s) and ask them to consider the request. Sally created two requests: a downloadable calendar of all Australian school terms and an Excel version of all contact details on Australian Libraries Gateway.

Eighth International Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Conference

EBLIP8  website | 4 August 2014

The International Evidence Based Library and Information Practice conference is returning to Brisbane in July 2015 and organisers are calling for submissions of abstracts for papers and posters. The conference theme — ‘Evidence and practice: Working together’ reflects the focus on narrowing the gap between practice and evidence, and in promoting evidence based practice in all parts of the information profession.

Win reading room furniture in August for your library

To celebrate the countdown to The Reading Hour on 19 August, the organisers are awarding a library a collection of pre-loved furniture from The Reading Room. There are bookshelves, coffee tables, comfy chairs and a reading pod. To enter, explain in 50 words or less why your library needs this furniture.

The great book swap

Indigenous Literacy Foundation | 6 August 2014 

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation is calling for organisations to help with fundraising by holding a Great Book Swap event on Indigenious Literacy Day, 3 September 2014. Think about holding an event in your workplace.

Elending environment for libraries around the world

In 2012, IFLA released its Background Paper on eLending, which formed the basis for the production of the IFLA Principles for Library eLending, the third revision of which was issued at the World Library & Information Congress (WLIC) in Singapore in August 2013. Due to the rapid changes taking place, the IFLA Governing Board commissioned a supplement to the eLending Background Paper in 2013 reflecting recent developments. Elending Working Group Chair, Paul Whitney, will present the 2014 eLending Background Paper at the EBLIDA/CLM Satellite Meeting, Copyright and beyond: Libraries in the public sphere in Strasbourg, France from 13 – 14 August. 

U.S. Department of Energy increases access to results of DOE-funded scientific research

Media release from | 4 August 2014

The US Department of Energy has launched the Public Access Gateway for Energy and Science (PAGES) which is a web-based portal that will provide free public access to accepted peer-reviewed manuscripts or published scientific journals within 12 months of publication.

Which countries made most 'right to be forgotten' requests? Google reveals all

Rich Trenholm |cnet| 1 August 2014

Google has revealed which countries have made the most requests for links to be removed from search results under Europe's new 'right to be forgotten'. The country with the most requests is France, with around 17,500 requests made under French law, involving around 58,000 URLs.

The way upward design for impact

By Meredith Schwartz | Library Journal | 31 July 2014

It’s an award winner! The newly constructed Vancouver Community Library had signage planned into the design, so that patrons can easily find their way around the resources. It’s an intuitive setup that gives patrons the broad brushstrokes at a glance, while being flexible to accommodate shifts in the collection in the years to come.

More online publishers let readers fill the space

Leslie Kaufman | The New York Times | 1 August 2014

Traditional media companies are now allowing readers to upload digital content as varied as links, text, video and other media — a model called ‘publish first’. Condé Nast Publications will soon allow a select group of writers to start posting on its Traveler website in mid-August as part of a series of experiments involving its magazines. 

Makerbot replicator 2: 3D printing tips from an early adopter 

For those interested in maker spaces, here’s a case study from Penfield Library, State University of New York, which set up a 3D printing program.

Stop blaming colleges for society's problems

Professor David A. Bell | New Republic | 2 August 2014

In this opinion editorial, US Professor Bell asks if universities are going the way of record labels, following the impact of MOOCs?  While he thinks the answer is no, he admits that online courses are changing the way US universities operate, but they remain deeply embedded in the American social structure.

Google can't compete with a skilled librarian steeped in information technology

Erinn Hutkin | Chicago Tribune | 25 July 2014

Access to a wealth of information on the internet has placed even more importance on librarians. This article looks at how librarians facilitate learning and create communities.

Love in the stacks

Sean Gilmartin | USA Today | 30 July 2014

A librarian attends the Romance Writers’ of America conference and is motivated to achieve his dream of becoming an author.

Will reading as a child make you smarter as an adult?

Podcast | The Naked Scientist University of Cambridge | 29 July 2014

A new study of identical twins from the University of Edinburgh suggests if you were a bookworm as a child, it might make you smarter as an adult. This podcast, which features psychologist Stuart Richie from the University, explains that that better reading ability at a younger age is linked to higher intelligence later in life.


Celebrating 35 years with ALIA WA Library Technicians 1979 – 2014

The ALIA WA Library Technicians, better known as WALT, are celebrating their 35 year anniversary. WALT are organising a big celebration to commemorate this milestone at the end of the year. Keep checking the events calendar for more information. On behalf of ALIA, congratulations on 35 fantastic years and thank you for all of the amazing things you’re doing in WA. 
What's trending

Check out the New York Public Library’s hilarious archive of librarians’ harsh children’s book reviews

Jenni Avins | | 1 August 2014

From the archives! The children’s librarians of the New York Library used to keep a catalogue card file of typed book reviews of children’s books. As the reviews were for ‘internal eyes only’, the librarians were not backward in coming forward on what they thought about the books!

Book of funny encounters between librarians and patrons

Mark Frauenfelder | boing boing | 31 July 2014

Our members would have some stories to tell! This book is a collection of weird but true tales which public librarians experience when helping their patrons.

How a new Dutch library smashed attendance records

Cat Johnson | Shareable | 21 July 2014

This Dutch library re-designed their libraries based on the changing needs and desires of library users. They tossed out the old playbook and turned to retail design and merchandising for inspiration. 

ALIA Training

Cataloguing Basics — last one for 2014!

Cataloguing remains one of the best tools we have to guarantee that information, irrespective of its format or content, can be accessed. This six week course will cover all the bases. More information and to register: 

Funding opportunities

Local heritage fund grant

NSW | Closing date: 1 September 2014

Community events grant program

NSW | Closing date: 29 August 2014

Cultural and linguistic awards, Multicultural Affairs

NT | Closing date: 31 August 2014

Regional flagship events program

NSW | Closing date: 1 September 2014


Driver education program

FREE online driver education program for your patrons. Help teens prepare for their Driver Knowledge Test. No Cost to Your Library or Your Patrons. Apply Now 

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