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TETRACOM News July 2014

Dear colleague,

Most of us would probably agree that research breakthroughs after all require paper, pencil, and - most importantly - sufficient time and peace for scientific thinking, experimenting and taking risks. Within Horizon 2020, the incentive (or call it pressure) to take short-term impact, exploitation and industrial interest into account is clearly growing. So, why not just combine the best of both worlds?

TETRACOM offers you a blend of instruments that help to pave the way from excellent research results into industrial uptake, with its co-funded Technology Transfer Projects (TTPs) being the most prominent. The first TTPs have just been granted, and in this newsletter issue Mike O´Boyle reports some facts about the TTP Call 1 results. We hope this will encourage you to participate in our next TTP Call that will be launched in November. In case you first need more general tech transfer know-how, you are also invited to take part in one of TETRACOM´s workshops, the next of which is anticipated for the HiPEAC CSW in October.

Having successfully passed the 1st project review, the TETRACOM team is highly motivated to work with you. I wish you an enjoyable summer break with lots of time for blue-sky thinking.


Rainer Leupers
RWTH Aachen University


The first call for proposals was announced on 15 February with a submission deadline of 31 March 2014. Our aim was to make the submission process as lightweight as possible with a short, restricted word-length, online application process.  Each proposal had to explain its expected impact, transfer concept, resources, budget and partner profile.  If a technology transfer is compelling, it should be possible to communicate this succinctly.

We were delighted with the response; a total of 31 proposals were submitted from 13 different European countries.  In total, the proposals requested 904k â‚¬ from TETRACOM supported by 1.1M € matching funding from industry partners.

Each of the proposals was evaluated by 2 reviewers from an external panel of reviewers.  In order to provide a balanced evaluation, one of the reviewers was selected from academia, the other from industry. Partners of TETRACOM were not involved in the initial reviewing process and were excluded from participating in the call.

The ranked proposals were then considered by the TETRACOM Steering Committee who selected 10 proposals for funding, subject to contractual agreement. A provisional budget of 338k € was allocated for the accepted proposals.

Mike O'Boyle

TETRACOM Consultation Service

The TETRACOM Individual Consultation Service is a new and open service that wants to connect researchers to registered experts in computing systems and related fields. The selected experts are committed to assist them on any matters related to technology transfer.

There is an example list of experts along with their brief biography, and a messaging service is available for researchers to communicate confidentially with experts. The service is free of charge and can be found at:

Advisory Board

A first meeting with the TETRACOM Advisory Board has been planned on 19 September 2014 in Brussels. The board members are:

  • Martijn Rutten, Vector Fabrics
  • Matthias Weiss, Intel
  • Tero Rissa,  Nokia

We look forward to discussing the ongoing activities of the TETRACOM project with them!


The next TETRACOM workshop will take place during the HiPEAC Computing Systems Week from 8 to 10 October 2014 in Athens. The program of the CSW will be available soon on

Call for Technology Transfer Projects

A second call for Technology Transfer Projects will be launched in November 2014. We hope this call will be even more successful than the first one! More information can be found soon on the website of the Call for Projects.