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May 2016

Dear Alumni

We're drawing ever closer to launching the new IAESTE Alumni platform and we hope that we're going to give you a really useful platform that will make a real difference to your lives and careers. Look our for an email at the beginning of June with details of how to log in. I can't wait to share it with you!

You might know that for the last five years we have held an Annual Alumni Conference at the same time as our exchange conference, giving alumni the chance to meet up with old friends, participate in a conference programme and attend the evening events with IAESTE members from around the world.

The next one will be in the Republic of Korea in January and I'd like to invite you to tell me: what would motivate you to attend? For some people it's a long way and quite expensive, so for you to want to go, what sort of programme would you like to see? What would be your expectations for such an event? I would appreciate any feedback and you can contact me here.

Have a great month and talk to you again soon!

Bruce Wicks
Alumni & Communications Manager

Changing Lives since 1948

Did you know that many IAESTE countries are run by volunteer students? Some of whom don't even go on a traineeship! Why would they spend their time doing this? Because IAESTE is about more than international experience. It's about what you can learn at home too.

Spending time on an IAESTE Local Committee brings with it a whole new skill set. You might learn about events management, finances, job raising, design and much much more. Of course you might also end up going on a traineeship!

We're proud of our volunteers and want to share their stories with you. Here is our first.

Darko Todorovski from IAESTE Macedonia and his team of students are in the semi-finals of the NASA Space Apps Challenge! The finalists were chosen by NASA and they have the chance to win a trip to watch a rocket launch at Kennedy Space Centre in Florida! Let’s help our IAESTE friend win by voting for them. 

This will be the perfect opportunity to promote the IAESTE spirit and show how our organisation helps young talents reach their goals. They need your votes. All you need to do is register and vote once every 24 hours in the following link below until Sunday 15 May 8pm CET: You can register and read about the competition here And once you’re registered, you can vote using this link!
Check out this awesome video from IAESTE alumnus Mario Garic

'This is my way of depicting my journey from Croatia to Thailand for a life changing experience. To all those who are on the verge of going on something like this, I say, do it! To everybody I met on my journey there and back, thank you! You truly made this all worth it and every moment was incredible!'
Which setting should you choose for your research job?

Once you are close to completing your graduate training in engineering, the question becomes: “What next?” If you want to get into research, there is a broad range of job options in both academia and in industry. So which is right for you and your career? Check INOMICS' article to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each setting!
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