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No. 105 | 28.10.2016

Dear Friends

After the successful IAESTE day we are at the beginning of November, just a big two months before our Annual Conference. I am sure you are all busy with job raising in your countries. We had hoped to give you the right tools to use the new study fields but for practical reasons we had to postpone this to after the introduction of the new Intraweb. However, the people who want to use it already can do it, as we will explain.

We received some letters from students who feel excluded from our exchange and we would like to remind members of one of the paragraphs of our bylaws: “3. To encourage the widest possible geographical participation in the exchange of academic institutions and employers throughout their country” . We have to protect our core national institutions of course, but we have to do this with an inclusive spirit as stated by our IAESTE values.
Bernard Baeyens
Topics in this issue of IAESTE Newsletter:

New study fields


The Board  would like to communicate the guidelines for members on the way of implementation the Decision 695 regarding the List of Study Fields (New Study Fields) for the exchange season 2017.

Decision 695.  11 July 2015

The Board agreed to accept the classification of NCES (Classification of Instructional Programs – 2010) to be used in IAESTE.  The List of Fields of study will be implemented for the exchange season in 2017. The year 2016 is given to implement the new fields of study list in Intraweb.

After consulting members it is evident that some countries have already started job-raising AND using the list of New Study Fields BUT many of the members keep using the old one. As we all know fields of study cannot be changed mid-season because contracts with companies done based on the field of study may have already been agreed.

Considering above and the recommendation of the post-SID meeting, The Board decided to be open to having both possibilities for the exchange season 2017 in the current Intraweb. This solution should help to prepare all the users for the next step – the full implementation of the only new study fields list in the new Exchange Platform.

The way users can enter both kinds of fields of study in the current system can be done by adding a field of study that is not in the list as described here.

In short you can proceed in two ways:

  1. You use the old study field list that come up in the system and you write down the speciality

  2. Or: You put “Others” in the study field and you choose one or more study fields from the new list in speciality.

Please remember that this solution is proposed only for this exchange season and notice that using the second possibility you do not recognise the description of new study field as a specialisation but as a defined field of study developed by NCES and adapted by IAESTE.

(The full list of New Fields of Study with added description is available here.)

Post-SID Meeting

During the weekend 14-16 October 2016 the Post-SID meeting of all SID Work Group leaders took place. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the progress of the SID recommendations and follow-ups. Additionally, we planned work for the coming months. As the SID group is strongly engaged in the work on the new Exchange Platform, some points regarding that were also added to the agenda.
I would like to thank to all participants for their attendance and especially to Thomas Faltner as due to his hospitality we could organise it in Sankt Marien, Austria.
Magdalena Maciejasz
SID Coordinator

IAESTE Day 2016

It looks like IAESTE Day was a great success and many countries took part. We are currently collecting materials for an IAESTE Day special newsletter, so please send all your reports, photos and videos to me. We have already received some, including those that participated by singing Imagine, so if you did the same, please share!

We hope to have enough to edit the video into a global one! Please send all content before Wednesday 2nd November.

Bruce Wicks
Alumni & Communications Manager

Update on IAESTE Nigeria UB

Our friends at IAESTE Nigeria UB have provided a useful and interesting update on their recent activity and progress.

We would first of all appreciate your support and good actions towards a stable IAESTE Nigeria especially as it concerns the formation of a national committee. Regarding the formation of a national committee - we earlier started by transforming IAESTE Nigeria-UB from a student-run committee into an institution-led association - all IAESTE Nigeria activities are coordinated under the auspices of the respective Deans of Students of the participatory universities with the national and administrative secretariats based in the University of Benin, Benin City.

You can read the whole text and see more photos here.

Otabor Ahanor
Programme Coordinator

IAESTE Colombia meeting

Thursday, September 22nd, was the International Gastronomic Fair at the Universidad de Ibagué campus. At the event there were 24 foreign student participants from 14 countries such as: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Tunisia. These students are performing their professional internships in different Colombian universities, through IAESTE. 
Every year, the International Relations Office and IAESTE Colombia perform this activity with the purpose to strengthen international culture, considering that this space allows students to show their countries in a cultural and gastronomic environment, generating a bigger interest to local students, faculty and administrative staff in having some kind of academic experience overseas and to get to know the cultures from the participant countries.
We also undertook an adventure to the Colombian Coffee region, from September 23rd until 25th, where it took place the National Meeting 2016 “Coffee Route”. This event  performs annually and in the second year in a row, the beauty of the Coffee region captivated students, who could enjoy the landscapes, activities and attractions that offers the area. During these 3 days of meeting, they participated in a vast variety of integration activities.

Camilo Leonardo Vargas Monroy
Exchange Coordinator
IAESTE Colombia

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