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No. 101 | 1.9.2016

Dear Friends

It's the 1st of September, many of us are back from our holidays, kids are back at school or perhaps you're getting ready to go back to university. What we all have in common is that it's traditionally the start of the new IAESTE year. 

Our thoughts move from summer reception to job raising, from fun, to the serious (but rewarding) task of keeping our current employers and finding new ones. But before we leave this IAESTE year for good, don't forget to reflect on how the past cycle has gone, through your report forms, the upcoming AEQ and Activity Report.

If you missed it last week, and perhaps many of you did, due to holidays and the like, we had a Summer Special 100th newsletter, full of stories from our trainees and members around the world. You can read it here!

So, the lead up to the AC in Korea begins in earnest. Let's redouble our efforts and make it the best year ever!

Bruce Wicks
Alumni & Communications Manager
Topics in this issue of IAESTE Newsletter:

 Activity Report & AEQ are coming

This year we are combining the Activity Report and the Administrative Efficiency Questionnaires into one questionnaire. Maybe now we can call it ARAEQ, just to add another cryptic acronym to our glossary - just kidding! It will simply be an activity report with its own administrative efficiency questions section.

We'll be sending out links to each country to start filling it with the activity of the past year. Hopefully, this will be the last year that you will have to enter a lot of information for the activity part, as most of the data should be taken from the new exchange platform we are preparing.

Michael Debono
IT Manager

New fields of study reminder

We remind you that this year you should be using the new fields of study, that now have a description for each study field (based on Decision 695. 11 July 2015). You can find all information here,

Michael Debono
IT Manager

83rd Board Meeting Minutes

The Board and Staff had the pleasure of meeting in Msida, Malta for the 83rd Board Meeting. It was a very productive meeting you can find find the minutes here and here.

If you have any feedback or questions, please contact the Board.

New National Secretary for IAESTE Ecuador

Dear Friends

I am leaving my post as National Secretary IAESTE Ecuador.  Andrea Peñaherrera will be the new National Secretary.  As you all know she has been working with IAESTE for many years.  I will keep supporting Andrea in everything she needs, and I hope to see you all  at the GCs if I can make it.
Thank you again for all your support.
Gloria Gangotena
IAESTE Ecuador

Slovenian Summer Reception weekend - Let's get lost together!

Summer is time for getting out of your comfort zone, outside of daily traffic, city life, meeting up the people or simply just got lost. IAESTE Slovenia offered for the first time in the heart of Triglav’s Natural park true natural experience. The weekend was organised by IAESTE Slovenia in Pokljuka in the third weekend of July.

In the huge line of summer events Slovenia’s weekend was really special one. It was the 1st Slovenian weekend organised for all IAESTE people, not just trainees in the country. The moto of weekend was “Let’s get lost together.” IAESTE Slovenia decided to offer participants alternative to most of the city life experiences.

Are you wondering why we came up with this idea? Let me bring you some funny facts about Slovenia:
  • Country is chicken shaped
  • More than half of the county is covered with forests (58, 4%) and it takes third place in Europe in forestation
  • It is the country where you can some from Adriatic Sea to the Alps in less than two hours’ time!
Group of fifty people occupied cottage in Pokljuka on Friday evening. There were participants from more than 20 countries which made this green environment more colourful. After some delicious traditional food called “JOTA” people were put in groups and started a group competition.

They competed in “Farmer games” which included nailing, jumping in sacks, tossing a horseshoe and similar group activities. Everybody was felling the right amount of competition and cooperation and having great fun time same time.

Laziness is a word Slovene people do not know. For this reason the morning started with Obstacle challenge. Climbing trees, jumping over the trunks ended up with fast running to the final line. After all these competition, some free time and relaxation followed.

Triglav’s Natural Park has many natural monuments worth to experience. This time there was swimming in Bohinj Lake and admiring the waterfall Savica. Day ended up with some delicious barbecue dinner, with some open fire and spending night outside without clubs and crowd but exclusively nature and IAESTE people. It turned out that was for some people greatest time of their life.

Since all the best things come to an end, also this weekend is. Sunday was reserved for sharing experiences, impressions and going back home. Some people had the opportunity to visit Slovenia’s pearl Bled – this is a mountain’s lake with the island in the middle and it is one of the most known Slovenia’s sightseeing attraction. This visit was the last chapter of the 1 st Slovenian summer weekend.

Last but not at least – being lost together turned out to bring another dimension how to get people closer. IAESTE Slovenia cannot wait for the next year.

Jasna Štupar
National Secretary
IAESTE Slovenia
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