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No. 100 | 19.8.2016

Dear Friends

Welcome to the 100th issue of the IAESTE newsletter! To celebrate we wanted to do a special edition dedicated to all the wonderful, positive stories of summer 2016. It's always great to remind ourselves of the amazing work we do, especially when all too often, all we hear is bad news.

Next week we have have a normal edition of the newsletter, but without further ado, here are IAESTE stories from around the world.

Bruce Wicks
Alumni & Communications Manager
Topics in this issue of IAESTE Newsletter:

IAESTE Switzerland’s legendary summer BBQ

In July, our yearly feast, also known as the IAESTE Switzerland Summer BBQ, took place. By July, most trainees have usually already arrived to our mountainous country and so we welcome them with a summer BBQ. This year, various trainees from 25 different countries, some accompanied by their supervisors, as well as several alumni and members of the local committees joined us.

We experienced a sunny, lively get-together with almost 90 people. Hungry mouths were fed; quenches for beer were satisfied, new acquaintances formed, as well as stories told to eager listeners. Our local committees informed the trainees about various events and provided tips for living in Switzerland. The IAESTE-Alumni, some of whom are now supervisors or managing directors themselves, talked about their adventures and how IAESTE has opened up the world for them. The lovely evening was framed by a fantastic view over Zurich and the mountains from our location. 

Thus, the air was not only filled with a mouth-watering BBQ-flavour, but also with pride, joy and gratitude for finally being able to start the huge adventure abroad with the promise of some exciting months ahead.

Another way in which we thank our Swiss employers for their participation with IAESTE is our postcard initiative. We ask our Swiss trainees who are abroad to do us a favour by sending a postcard to one of our employers and to drop them a line regarding their internship and their experiences abroad. These postcards are always received with great pleasure and our employers usually keep them at their office desks or even hang them up to proudly display them to anyone who walks into their office.

Gaby Hilpertshauser, Switzerland

IAESTE makes my dreams real...

"To awaken quite alone in strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world" said famous traveller Freya Stark. And I wanted to try it, too.

A small heap of filled forms and many hours of waiting for an answer was the only thing I had to do before my IAESTE dream came true and I could board the plane and go 3000 kilometres faraway to Jordan.

The first days were hard; new country, different habits, unknown persons. Everything was strange for me. But I started to explore places and people step by step. Whether there were trainees on the same boat as me, or Jordanians, I fell in love with them all. At work, on the streets, in the shops, everyone greeted us and wanted to help us with everything. They recommended us nice places to visit, so we started to discover prettiness of this, for me not so known in that time, country. 

My internship takes place in the capital city, Amman, which flourishes with extensive cultural riches from times before Christ, but there is also modern architecture and mature city elements. Standard of accommodation for trainees outperformed all of my expectations Forty people in one place for two months means for me, that it can´t be boring.

Pleasant sitting in downtown, tasting national specialities, sport or dance evenings, walking at night Amman, hotel parties etc. happened matter of course. But an internship is not only about fun. It is also about new experiences to professional life. My company MADI AND PARTNERS Consulting Engineers was my best choice for that. My job is designing and calculating the support system in buildings, given that I study civil engineering. I am working with real projects while learning to use new programmes and improving the well-known. It´s not easy, but my colleagues are always friendly and willing to answer all my questions, whether for work or for misunderstanding habits of Arab culture, which we had the opportunity to know through trips to more distant parts of the country.

See one of the 7 wonders of the world, Petra, and also walk the path that the mummy returned? Swim in the Red Sea or taste salinity of the Dead Sea and float on its surface? Lie in the desert in the middle of nowhere on soft sand and look at the wonderful stars? That's all I previously knew only from television and suddenly I found myself in the middle of it. The feeling is hard to be described by words, but it gave me a lot. Plenty of experiences, memories and friendships that I will take away from here and will remain for whole life, as well as the knowledge acquired in the work, which will certainly help me in finding a job in the future.

Thank you IAESTE and the people I had the opportunity to know for the best summer of my life.

Gabriela Hanečáková, Slovakia 

Greetings from sunny and mountainous country Tajikistan!

Check out these great photos from one of the recent social trips with trainees and volunteers to the countryside!

Mukhammadzhon Yatimov, Tajikistan

IAESTE LC Erlagan, Germany

Some photos from our last and best weekend trip in Franconian Switzerland, Germany!

Nuriddin Khojaev, Tajikistan

A busy summer for IAESTE Tunisia

Airport pickups, first days at work, having fun, these lucky people spent their summer in Tunisia!

Check out too, these great stories!

Jihene DHAOUADI, Tunisia

Slovakian International Hiking Weekend

Last weekend, The International Hiking Weekend in Slovakia was organised for our trainees, members and all friends of IAESTE Slovakia. This summer reception weekend is traditionally held in the High Tatra Mountains.

Trainees from as far as Jordan, Brazil and China hiked for more than 8 hours and made more than 1200 meters uphill. This year's trek was a bit more difficult than last year, however it was worth it - the rewards included the most amazing views, lots and lots of selfies and some ice-cold beers (and/or TatraTea).

The participants saw one of the most beautiful parts of Slovakia, learned a bit more about our culture and for sure enjoyed the party that followed the long and exhausting hike. We had a great time and already look forward to the next year!

Peter Gabaš, Slovakia

We love satisfied employers!

Kiruna* Wagon is regularly receiving internship students from different countries via IAESTE. It is has proved to be an invaluable opportunity to learn about different cultures and to get contacts in countries that we want to expand our business to. We only accept top students and they get to work hard on real projects.

José Maria is a part of our engineering team that is developing a ground-breaking modular railroad wagon. A wagon that can be transformed for totally different purposes depending on the transport need of the day. In the end, this will make railroad transports more flexible and affordable, which in turn will lower the environmental impact of freight.
/Bengt Bolsöy, Technical Manager, Kiruna Wagon
*Kiruna is located in the very far north of Sweden, north of the polar circle!

Vietnam, home and abroad!

Here are some photos of IAESTE trainees doing their internships in Vietnam in 2016 and photos of Vietnamese students doing IAESTE internships abroad!

Also check out this great trainee story with photos!

Thanh Huong, Vietnam

Summer Reception in Bosnia and Herzegovina

There are 44 interns this summer in Bosnia and Herzegovina. IAESTE members are giving their best to make unforgettable summer reception programme. Every weekend we are going to visit different locations in Bosnia and meet students with our culture.

Here are some impressions:

Gunnar Lid (Oslo, Norway)
Gunnar is working in M:TEL which is one of our IT companies. He said: "I've had the opportunity to see one of the base stations of the latest generation and a new data centre in Banja Luka , where my associates explained to me in detail how the work progressed in their training, but also the challenges they faced "

According to him ,this was a great opportunity to learn a lot about this type of technology , but when he is in office, he says loves to read and study professional literature. He is sure that  his experience of M:TEL company will be relevant to his career.

He is delighted with what he had seen so far in Banja Luka. Gunnar attended the cultural events and was involved in sports and recreation activities . He said: "Recently we went to play paintball and a weekend before it was organised an international evening for all exchange students in Bosnia and Herzegovina , where students  presented cuisine from all over the world . We plan to go to rafting too.”

Krzysztof Celmer (Poznan, Poland)
Krzysztof is also working in M:TEL company where with the help of mentors, performs jobs like drawing maps and uploading items on Google earth.
He said: " I had no chance before this to gain such knowledge and I'm very glad that I can learn something new and useful"

Krzysztof said that he really liked to spend time with other IAESTE members and interns: " In July, the majority of these events were right here in Banja Luka and I had really great fun . I enjoyed sightseeing and music festivals. One weekend we spent in Jajce where I saw waterfalls , which are really impressive. In August we planned visit to Sarajevo , Mostar and Belgrade "

Ivana Trajkovska (Skopje, FYRO Macedonia)
Ivana is working in a computer company Bit Lab and she says: „This is my first internship since I enrolled my University and I am doing my internship in the company 'Bitlab' and the first day was good.  I have chosen this area of study because I think that in this career field  I have a good opportunity to get a good job and apart from that I like Math, Physics and other natural sciences“.

According to her she really likes Banja Luka and people here : „Banja Luka is similar to Skopje, but smaller and people are just as kind and warm. I speak a little bit of Serbian language so when I go with my colleagues for a walk or go shopping I have to translate to them when they don't understand something.“

Thiago Luis Brasco (Aracaju, Brazil)
Thiago had really god impressions of our country: „I chose this country because it's a different experience for me and the best way to get the experience that I want is to explore other countries. On Monday was my first day at work and I am very pleased with how it went. I think I will learn a lot here.“

He said: „Unlike my city, this city is smaller and that's why I like it in particular. People are kind and open if you need any help.  As much as I could see in the few days that I am here there are many sightseeing places to be visited.“

Pam Natanicha( Thailand)
Pam says: „I decided to do my internship here because I wanted to gain experience somewhere outside of my country. When I saw this country on the list, I immediately  googled about it on internet and looked for more information about it, but I found so little information, and that’s the reason why I have chosen this country.”

“Banja Luka is a small but a beautiful city with a lot of warmth and people are so welcoming and ready to help. I will travel every day to my work for about 20 minutes because the company is situated in Čelinac.” Says she. 

Tanja Vejnovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

A great summer in Poland and also for Polish students

Great photos showing one of the best summers you can have in IAESTE!

Przemysław Miszkiewicz, Poland

Summer in the U.S.A!

Here are some photos from IAESTE trainees enjoying their summers. These are a mix of IAESTE U.S. students abroad and international trainees in the U.S.

Mitchel Pardes, U.S

Alison Cruz, an Environmental Engineer, from Bolivia to Tunisia!

"At EAM Environmental Assessment and Management , an environmental consultant Company, they give services to oil and gas companies, as Total, BG, Petro Canada, Exxon and others.  I am working with another IAESTE trainee, who is from Japan, and also an Environmental Eng student, we are working in a Project to evaluate and quantify the contamination during Drilling, on the air and water . I am applying all I have learned and learning more new things.  The work Schedule is from 8 am to 2 pm, now during the summer. Everything is perfect, people are extremely professional and nice, and I am knowing incredible places. Thanks IAESTE! "

Check out also these other great testimonials!

Patricia Pagani, Bolivia

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