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Balance is the Key This Summer

Summer is a wonderful time to relax from the hustle and bustle. For taking time from busy schedules and exploring the outdoors more than usual. Evelyn recommends using natural sunscreens or insect repellents without the harsh chemicals. Look for them at your local health foods store. If you are not sure which chemicals to watch out for, check out this helpful list!

Summer is also a great time to find fresh organic and in-season fruits an veggies at the local farmers markets. Make sure to bring your reusable bag! The USDA provides a list of farmers markets near you, searchable by zip code or city.

Keeping your body healthy is a big job. There is so much to think about: what to put in, what to leave out, what to put on, what to leave off. Try not to be overwhelmed; it takes time to get used to making healthier purchase choices. (And there will always be a time when you just have to splurge on your favorite totally unhealthy treat!) Just remember that there is always time to get back into good health. Life is an ebb and flow, ying and yang, full of ups and downs... just try to stay balanced whether you're feeding your body, your emotions, or standing on one leg in Ballet or Yoga. Balance is the key.

The Summer of You! 

It's time to get your summer on! Break out the sunscreen, hit the beach, bike in the park, enjoy a farmers market or summer concert, and feel great while you do it! 

I have several classes this summer that will help you feel energetic and strong. Read on for more info!

I'd like to thank you all for your interest in my classes. I truly enjoy working with all of you and all of your children! 

Love and Dance,

Adult Classes

 The name of Evelyn's Ballet Barre Fitness class has been changed to Pilates Barre Fitness. The format of the class has also been slightly changed to be just a little more challenging.

Evelyn is STOTT PILATES certified, and has been re-certified with the STOTT PILATES Total Barre Amplified Level at the John Garey Studio in Long Beach. Her instructor, Heather Lawson, is an awesome trainer and retrained the instructors with some new and fun exercises to give our students a full-body challenge!

Evelyn's private Pilates sessions are still available along with Pilates Barre fitness private sessions. Evelyn is available Monday through Friday mornings and early afternoons. The price per hour is now $50 for a private in-your-home session. Try it today! 

Children's Classes

This summer Miss Evelyn is conducting her latest Creative Ballet and Recital session on Thursdays at 11:00am. The current session started on July 9, but it's not too late to sign up! If you would like late registration, please contact Evelyn directly so she can bring the extra supplies needed for your daughter or son. (Late registration will not be pro-rated, however, and must be paid in full before July 23.) 

Remember, there is no class on Thursday, July 30th as Miss Evelyn will be on a much needed vacation. The fairy recital will be held on Thursday, August 27th. Students get to keep the fairy veils and wands that they'll make during the session and use in the recital!
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