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Just 24 hours left! Plus: bonus signed card

Hey, how was your week? As I mentioned last weekend, I am currently in the process of transforming my flat, to make it suitable and safe for my young sons to come and stay with me this summer. This week, the task I face has felt overwhelming at times, but I'm getting there, bit by bit. I am also sourcing things like toddler beds, at the same time as making space. 👀

So, there are only about 24 hours left before my current Patreon special offer expires! And here is that offer:

Everyone who is backing me at Patreon at the Cardiac Arrest tier or above by the end of Sunday July 10 2022 will receive a (s)care package containing 10 DVDs from my collection, curated by me! These will be horror, action or sci-fi discs. Region 1 available too - just let me know via Patreon PM when you join us. 

As a little extra, I'll hide a signed index card with a greeting inside one of the DVD cases. That's the wonderful thing about physical media - you can HIDE STUFF INSIDE THEM. I'd like to see someone try to hide an index card inside an MP4 file! 🧐🧐🤣

Why am I doing this? Three reasons:
  1. Rewarding my existing awesome Patreon supporters at the Cardiac Arrest level or above
  2. Adding an incentive for awesome newcomers to join (let's call a spade a spade here, eh?) our VIP community. Huge thanks to those who already signed up!
  3. Making space in this flat for my children 🤣
Any questions, doubts, concerns or technical problems with signing up to Patreon? Simply reply to this email and ask/tell. I'll be delighted to hear from you. 

Here is the Patreon post in which I broke the news of this special offer to my awesome patrons. In a rare turn of events, I made this post viewable by the public too. You might also want to read the follow-up post I made for patrons earlier today

BY THE WAY: you are totally at liberty to join my Patreon at the Cardiac Arrest tier or above, then edit your monthly pledge amount down to a lower monthly amount after Sunday July 10, when you have qualified for this special offer. You can also absolutely leave at any time, no questions asked! I never, ever want my patrons to feel trapped or obliged in any way.

On the other hand, while you're backing me at the Cardiac Arrest tier, you might want to stick around, because in addition to receiving your DVDs, you will benefit from the following awesome perks, which will continue for as long as you remain at this level:
  • You receive a thank you postcard from me every six months
  • You have your name in the acknowledgements section of any novel or self-published book of mine
  • You get an onscreen Associate Producer credit on videos on my YouTube channel Jason Arnopp's Terrifying House Of Obsession! (This is also available to certain YouTube channel members - see later on in this newsletter for details of this newly-introduced opportunity.)
  • PLUS all the perks from the previous tiers, including a personalised welcome video from me, uploaded to YouTube and viewable only by you. 
  • You will join a community of seriously lovely people! (Me excluded, obviously, for I happen to be Satan.)
Whichever tier you choose, you will be helping to support me and my family, which will mean the world to me. Thank you! (And as I always say, there are plenty of ways to support me that don't involve spending money. Watching my YouTube videos, telling others about my books... Patreon is absolutely non-mandatory!)

Check out my Patreon tiers right here. Don't miss out on receiving dodgy films on a somewhat antiquated format! 😆

(Oh, and as I said last weekend, do feel free to reply to this email with tips for toddler-proofing your home. Ha! Thanks to everyone who already did!)

To reward you for reading through to the very end of what essentially amounts to a sales follow-up email, here is a coupon code to use at my Payhip e-book store. ARNOPP30 will get you 30% off any books there and expires Sunday! It's all about Sunday! HAIL SUNDAY. THE WORD SUNDAY HAS NOW OFFICIALLY GONE WEIRD.
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