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Get your name in my next two books

Huge and bewildering anniversaries are afoot, my friend!

In September, my novella Beast In The Basement will have spent 10 years making readers say, "Jesus! Can't say I saw that coming."

In October, my short story A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home will have spent a full decade making people feel way less comfortable in their own abodes. Yay!

That passing of time, though, that's even more scary, right? I've no idea how this could possibly have happened.

Still, it feels like something to celebrate. So I'm going to turn each of these self-published tales into new 10 Year Anniversary Editions, with bonus material.

I'd welcome any ideas as to the kind of bonus material you'd like to see in either title (as always, you can reply to this email and tell me.) But one thing I would definitely like to add to each is an author Q&A.

So, do YOU have any burning questions you'd like me to answer about Beast In The Basement and/or A Sincere Warning? If so, I would love to receive them soon, so that I can try to answer them in one or both of the new editions for a September release

Got something in mind? Reply to this email and ask away! I may not be able to answer them all, but all will be gratefully received.

Unless you request otherwise, I will credit you in the book for having asked the question, using either the name on your email or whichever variation of your name you ask me to use. 

I am excited to receive any questions you may have about these vintage spine-chillers! Don't worry about making your Qs super-intellectual or anything like that - just imagine that you and I are in the pub and there's something you're keen to know. 

If you have yet to own Beast In The Basement or A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home, then don't worry, you can safely go ahead and buy them now. The special editions will be updated versions of the exact same ebooks. So when the time comes, I'll ask Amazon to send a message to your e-reader, tipping you off that the update is ready to download.

At present, I'm only planning to update the existing ebook versions of these books. If there's enough demand, though, I would consider making physical print books available. So if you'd like that to happen, then be sure to reply and let me know. 

Let's set a deadline for your questions. Midday on Thursday September 1 seems about right, so think fast if you'd like to have your name published in these new editions. 

My scary, magical August

During August, I haven't done so much work as usual, because I've been helping a close family member through a scary illness.  

Their operation on Monday went as planned, which is great, so now we wait for the follow-up appointments and further scans. 

I tell you, we writers can learn a thing or two about suspense from the emotional rollercoaster of unwell loved ones.

Over the last few weeks, I've found refuge in my lifelong love of conjuring and magic tricks. I have a tendency to turn most of my obsessions into work, and so it feels very healthy that I have yet to find a way to do this with magic.

Do you have a hobby or side interest that is in no way involved with work? If not, I highly recommend finding one. 

The best writing software I've bought in years

I am what they call a hybrid author.

This is not because I'm half human and half alien organism.

Well, not just because of that. 

Some of my books have been traditionally published, while others I've made available via my own publishing company Retribution Books.

These days, hybrid feels like a nice balance for most authors to strike. You can operate within the established framework of publishing, with its super long lead-times, while also safe in the knowledge that you could publish a book tomorrow if you chose to do so. 

Over the last few years, though, I've had the nagging feeling that my own indie books haven't been selling as well on Amazon as they might.

Here's one likely reason for that - I've never paid quite enough attention to the SEO side of Amazon. Keywords, book categories, subtitles, book descriptions... all that stuff.

But now I have finally discovered Publisher Rocket - a wonderful piece of software from Dave Chesson, the man behind Kindlepreneur. It's not exactly cheap, but after just a few weeks of using this thing, I can already tell that it will pay for itself many times over, whether it's helping me find Amazon hidden categories or pin down the seven very best Amazon keywords for my books. 

Let's pause briefly to show you the main menu interface:
Nice, huh?

Honestly the best app for writers I've found in years, Publisher Rocket is really easy to use and brings immense power to your fingertips. If you self-publish as a writer, or would like to but find stuff like SEO overwhelming, I strongly recommend you give it a test-run.

There's a 30-day guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. Oh, and you're a writer, so the price of the software may be tax deductible, depending on whereabouts in the world you live.

Boost your Kindle book sales with Publisher Rocket here. I am a proud affiliate of this product. This means that if you do go ahead and make that risk-free purchase, I'll receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

Drop me a line by replying to this newsletter and let me know how this software works out for you. I'd love to hear how you get on with it.

A side note on editorial policy: This year, I decided to aim this newsletter more at readers than writers. This decision was partly influenced by the launch of Scary Truths Of Writing, my new Substack blog for writers (quick, go and subscribe over there, then come back!)

I am of course aware, however, that plenty of readers are also writers, and so I'll continue to include the odd bit of interest to writers here. 

My friend John Higgs has written a marvellous high concept book that explores the weird cosmic connections between The Beatles and James Bond.

Trust me here: as John expertly reveals within these pages, there are many more connections than you might think. 

Entitled Love And Let Die, the book's out on September 15 and I encourage you to secure yourself a copy via  Amazon UK or elsewhere.

YouTube updates: Doctor Who and thrash!

All the latest on my two YouTube channels...
In the latest video for my retro-scary channel Jason Arnopp's Terrifying House Of Obsession, I react to the news that Season 2 will be the next Doctor Who The Collection box set. As you can see from the thumbnail, I'm pretty happy about this.
I recently enabled YouTube channel memberships, which is a Patreon-style community embedded within the architecture of YouTube. So if you want to support the above Jason Arnopp's Terrifying House Of Obsession and gain perks, then YouTube channel memberships are for you! 
There's even MORE excitement, over on my Possessed By Metal, as my favourite thrash band gears up to release their first album in two-and-a-half decades! Check out Razor's new song Flames Of Hatred and my reaction to it.

The great Kindle Unlimited experiment

It's been a while since I made any of my books available to Amazon's Kindle Unlimited users (Auto Rewind was enrolled for a while), but I've decided to conduct a new three-month experiment, making one fiction book and one non-fiction book a part of the scheme.

Kindle Unlimited, in case you didn't know, allows readers to read up to 10 books, audiobooks and magazines at a time per month, for free. (Or at least, free in the sense that they're included in the monthly KU fee.)

The fiction book I've now made free for Kindle Unlimited users is American Hoarder. Many subscribers to The Necronoppicon will already have this book on their e-device, having received it as a free gift upon signing up.

The non-fiction book I've made free for KU is From The Front Lines Of Rock. As close to autobiography as I'm ever likely to get, this book details my time as a rock journalist and gathering 30 of the best interviews I ever did for Kerrang! magazine. If you're a KU member, and you yearn for the time when rock bands and magazines were fun, then I reckon you should check it out

As one five-star reviewer notes, "The Manowar interview has to be read to be believed!"

This week on my site's blog, I published the book's entire introduction, which includes my account of ridiculous rock 'n' roll behaviour with The Cult's Ian Astbury. 

Now, can I drop you off somewhere?

Thanks for reading this far and for staying subscribed!

Now, you might want to click on something and go elsewhere, so here are seven options that I have inexplicably failed to shoe-horn into the newsletter already: Want to advertise in this section? Reply to this email and I'll tell you the rates.

Bye for now! See you next month? God, I hope so. 
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