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The pages of the Necronoppicon creak open once again. Welcome!

In this July 2022 edition of my newsletter, I...
  • revisit my short story American Hoarder
  • tell you how you can own part of my horror DVD collection
  • talk about the two types of writers' fears
  • give you two book rec's
  • react to the Jimmy Savile Netflix doc
  • tell you about the latest videos on my YouTube channels
  • introduce you to YouTube channel memberships and
  • hit you with some great links!

American Hoarder, five years on

American Hoarder spoilers will follow, so maybe skip to the next segment of this newsletter if you haven't read the story yet.

Hey there!

It's really quite hard to believe that it's been half a decade since I wrote American Hoarder

For so many of you lovely subscribers, of course, you will know this short story as the freebie gift that may have helped lure you into my fiendish email clutches! (If you signed up for this newsletter yeeeeears ago, prior to the American Hoarder special offer coming into effect, then please reply to this email and ask me for your copy of the e-book.)

Much like my novel Ghoster was probably my cry for help with phone addiction, this one was probably my cry for help with household clutter! Although, as you'll see below, I'm currently doing something about the latter...

With this one, I like the way the narrator is talking directly to the reader (or at least seems to be). I also still like the idea of American Hoarder being a US TV reality show which took a supernatural turn for one episode, which was promptly banned and hidden away forever. Readers, and people in general, always like to feel they're seeing beyond the veil of censorship!

Hopefully Jack Sparks fans got a kick out of the ending, which revealed that one of the Hollywood Paranormals, that ill-fated mob from The Last Days Of Jack Sparks, was interviewing the guy. 

Because I never released American Hoarder on Amazon - until this weekend, at least, because I am uploading it to the Kindle library as we speak - I haven't had much feedback on this one, so would love to hear from anyone who had a good time with it. As always, you can simply reply to this email to let me know.

See below for an exclusive look at two preliminary designs for the cover, which was created by the mighty Caroline Fish, who was also responsible for the look of Beast In The Basement, Auto Rewind, How To Interview Doctor Who, Ozzy Osbourne And Everyone Else and From The Front Lines Of Rock.

Grab part of my horror DVD collection!

I am currently in the process of transforming my flat, to make it suitable and safe for my young sons to come and stay with me this summer.

Oh dear God, this is quite the undertaking and requires me to somewhat boil down the contents of this flat (see American Hoarder, above). 

Now, I have hundreds of DVDs. Too many, some might say. And so, this week I hit upon the idea of rewarding my existing Patreon supporters AND adding an incentive for newcomers to join, while also boosting my own feng shui!

Yes, a new Patreon special offer has begun and you have one week in which to take advantage of this. 

Everyone who is backing me at Patreon at the Cardiac Arrest tier or above by 6pm BST on Sunday July 10 2022 will receive a (s)care package containing 10 DVDs from my collection, curated by me! These will be mainly horror, but there may also be the odd action or sci-fi disc in there. 

Here is the Patreon post in which I broke the news of this special offer to my awesome patrons. In a rare turn of events, I made this post viewable by the public too. 

You are totally at liberty to join my Patreon at the Cardiac Arrest tier or above, then edit your monthly pledge amount down to a lower monthly amount after Sunday July 10, when you have qualified for this special offer. You can also absolutely leave at any time, no questions asked! I never, ever want my patrons to feel trapped or obliged in any way.

On the other hand, while you're backing me at the Cardiac Arrest tier, you might want to stick around, because in addition to receiving your DVDs, you will benefit from the following awesome perks, which will continue for as long as you remain at this level:
  • You receive a thank you postcard from me every six months
  • You have your name in the acknowledgements section of any novel or self-published book of mine
  • You get an onscreen Associate Producer credit on videos on my YouTube channel Jason Arnopp's Terrifying House Of Obsession! (This is also available to certain YouTube channel members - see later on in this newsletter for details of this newly-introduced opportunity.)
  • PLUS all the perks from the previous tiers, including a personalised welcome video from me, uploaded to YouTube and viewable only by you. 
Whichever tier you choose, you will be helping to support me and my family, which will mean the world to me. Thank you! (And as I always say, there are plenty of ways to support me that don't involve spending money. Watching my YouTube videos, telling others about my books... Patreon is absolutely non-mandatory!)

Check out my Patreon tiers right here. And don't forget that Sunday July 10 deadline!

(Oh, and do feel free to reply to this email with tips for toddler-proofing your home. Ha!)

Which type of fear do you feel? 

Are you a writer? Are you assailed by fear on a daily basis?

Of course you are. Me too.

I strongly advise you to subscribe to my new Substack blog for writers, which is free to read on launch. 

The blog is called Jason Arnopp's Scary Truths Of Writing and one of my main focuses will be the many fears that will assail you as a writer and how to deal with them. Several writers have already opened up in comments about their biggest fears and I will be addressing those in future posts.

In my latest post, I outline the two types of fear that writers experience. Turns out that one of these fears can actually help you. 👀

Other books are available!

You'd never know it, from the way I carry on in this newsletter, blathering on about my own books, but BOOKS BY OTHER PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY AVAILABLE ELSEWHERE IN THE COSMOS.

In my defence, I'm neither a compulsive reader nor a fast reader. I often think that I write fiction for people like me, who often find novels overly time-consuming and/or dull. 

Anyway, I'm talking about myself again. God, maybe Jack Sparks was a cry for help too. Let me tell you about two books you should check out:

Diary Of An Autistic Teenager is a wonderfully honest and unfiltered account of adolescent life by up-and-coming author Thomas Allington, who I'm proud to say is my cousin-once-removed! I wouldn't be at all surprised if this indie book gets snapped up by a major publisher by the end of the summer, so if I were you I would grab it now - only £4 for the physical copy delivered in the UK, and free for Kindle Unlimited users! And then there's Napper's Delight, a charming collection of short poems by my friend Victoria Nangle! Vicky has quite the way with words and if you're a fan of poetry, this gathering of 16 poems is sure to put a spring in your step. She can knit up a storm too, as her Facebook group NangleKnits proves. Napper's Delight is just £8, which includes free delivery in the UK!

Netflix's Jimmy Savile doc - any good? 

Lately, I have considered cancelling my Netflix.

It just doesn't seem to offer the wealth of content it once did. I used to think that the variety of docs alone would keep me in place, but those no longer seem to appear at the same pace as before. Plus: can I really financially justify so many TV and online subscriptions? 

So, after the demise of the awesome Ozark, it's mainly my unwatched Rick & Morty videos preventing me from cancelling... but also the odd doc like Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story.

Powerful, astonishing and well put together, this two-parter makes for harrowing viewing. Not so much the first part, which follows the standard Netflix doc template of presenting the despicable star as he appeared to millions for decades, while making it clear that something terrible was going on beneath the surface. This approach makes sense, given that there are countless folk outside of the UK who never even heard of the man.

Part Two, however, really goes all-out in describing Savile's crimes, wisely shifting the focus to the testimony of his victims. Even though I had steeled myself for this part, this was properly upsetting nonetheless. So this doc might be a good one to show your mate who still thinks there's something even vaguely funny about Jimmy Savile...

YouTube updates: channel memberships!

All the latest on my two YouTube channels...
My latest video went public today, and is one of my all-time favourites I've made on this scary retro channel since it launched in February 2019!

In this one, a total stranger has sent me an enormous painting which I'm too scared to open, for two main reasons:

What if it's rubbish? What if the artist is deranged?

You can find out the truth about this mysterious painting here

I have finally pushed the button and enabled YouTube channel memberships, which is a Patreon-style community embedded within the architecture of YouTube. So if you want to support me and gain perks, but are not quite feeling the Patreon site, then YouTube channel memberships are for you! 

As a general rule, I would say that YouTube channel memberships are the best fit for those who are primarily into my YouTube work, while Patreon feels best for those who are into the bigger picture, including my fiction work and journalism. 

You can currently sign up as a YouTube channel member at one of four tiers. Each of these is named after characters in the classic Doctor Who story Pyramids Of Mars, and they each grant you cool perks such as early access to videos, onscreen credit and extended editions of videos!

Hit the Join button beneath any of my videos to watch five minutes of me giving you the full details, or simply click this link to watch

My latest video on my louder channel sees me react to the new Megadeth song We'll Be Back!

Sadly, copyright nonsense meant I couldn't actually use the music or the promo video in this one, but I expect that if you're into Megadeth, you'll have already heard the song.

You can find out what I think of We'll Be Back here

Behold! The link apocalypse awaits you

Cor! You read this far! What a glutton for punishment. Thank you. I really appreciate you hanging around as a subscriber, and I will do my best to inform and entertain you every month.

Not sure exactly what I'll be writing about in the next newsletter, so do feel free to reply to this newsletter to tell me what you'd love to see in the August 2022 edition of The Necronoppicon. Is there a burning question you'd like to see me answer? Let me know. 

Now, here are some excellent resources and offers to see you off into the online universe...

LINKS FOR YOUTUBE CREATORS: Disclosure: some of the above links are affiliate links. This means that when you buy something through them, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. And I shall spend that money on shoes for small boys. :)
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