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Hello there <<First Name (optional)>> ,

How the world has changed since I last emailed you.

I very much hope that you and yours are safe and well.

I'm okay, given he circumstances. Like so many people, I'm in lockdown and can't see my family. It's taken me a few weeks to get my head around the situation, but now I'm very much focused on what I can do, as opposed to what I can't. Right now, that seems to be the only way forwards, in order to stay positive and productive.

I start each day by speaking aloud three things I'm grateful for, which generally involve the good health of loved ones.

We'll get through this! And in this belated April edition of the newsletter, I'm going to offer you as much free stuff and heavily discounted stuff as I can. Let's get straight into that.

Free Skype coaching for newer writers!

One week from today, on Wednesday April 22, I'm going to have 10 free 20-minute Skype coaching sessions with newer writers who feel they might benefit from advice from me. You can ask me how I've achieved certain things, or ask for my opinion on aspects of the craft of writing, or ask for help with motivation or killing procrastination or facing fears. Pretty much whatever you like. The only thing I ask is that you must not tell me any details about stories you're working on (for tedious legal reasons.)

Here are the available time slots on Wednesday April 22:

14:00 to 14.20 GMT
14.30 to 14.50 GMT
15.00 to 15.20 GMT
15.30 to 15.50 GMT
16.00 to 16.20 GMT
16.30 to 16.50 GMT
17.00 to 17.20 GMT
17.30 to 17.50 GMT
18.00 to 18.20 GMT
18.30 to 18.50 GMT

Simply reply to this email with three pieces of info:
1) One or two lines of info about yourself. Age, location, what kind of thing you like to write.
2) How you believe you would benefit from a 20-minute Skype coaching session with me
3) Which of the 10 slots you will definitely be able to do on Wednesday April 22.

If you have a writer friend who you feel might really benefit from free coaching, then that's no problem. Simply forward this email to them and they are welcome to apply. 

The closing date for applications is midnight on Sunday, April 19. This Sunday, in other words.

1) To keep things simple, these chats must all be conducted via Skype. None of your Zoom or any other platform. Video chats if you like, but pure audio's also fine if that's your preference or tech capability. 
2) If you become unable to make your slot before April 22, do email me and let me know. It's unlikely I'll be able to offer you a different slot, but at least I can potentially offer your slot to someone else.
3) As stated above, the only thing I ask during our chat is that you must not tell me any details about stories you're working on (for tedious legal reasons.)
4) I will only be able to help you within our 20-minute coaching session. I'm afraid I won't be able to talk before or after our chat. You may, however, want to continue by using one of my Services For Writers. See below, in this newsletter, for big discounts!
5) I may well not be able to write back to everyone who applies, so if you don't hear back by the end of the day on Monday 20 April, I'm afraid you didn't get picked. Please don't take this personally. It could simply be that your chosen slots didn't work out or were already filled! Sorry. But please see below for how you can still receive writing advice from me on a pay-what-you-can basis.
6) Just to clarify: you don't have to be a very new writer in terms of when you started writing - you just have to be a less experienced writer who feels they may benefit from free coaching.

I'm very excited by the prospect of meeting some of you folks, possibly via web cam, and giving you as much help as I possibly can! Let's do this!

Free (or pay-what-you-can) writing advice!

I recently launched a simple service which sees me answer one writing advice question at a time via email... for whatever you can pay, even if that's nothing. What you decide to pay should be based on a combination of your current means and how much value I provide you. See this page on my site for the full details!

Free motivation for creatives

Check out my free second mailing list, Jason Arnopp's Sunday Confession Booth!  In a nutshell, I email subscribers every Sunday at 7pm to ask what they created this week. Plenty of subscribers then actually reply to tell me, which is awesome. If you think this simple weekly prompter may bring value to your creative life, check it out here

Lockdown discounts on writing services

Since last summer I've offered two other services for writers. Bearing in mind the current lockdown situation, with everyone having less 'disposable' income, though, I'm slashing the prices by using discount codes.

As above, these are coaching sessions via web cam. They have been priced at £100 for one hour or £60 for half an hour. But now, when you contact me to book one, use the discount code CHAT25 to get 25% off those prices. Book via this page

I read the first three chapters of your novel (15,000 words maximum) and give you my notes. This service has been priced at £249. But now, when you contact me to book, use the discount code CHAPTER179 to get this service for £179! Book via this page.

Free Doctor Who word search puzzle

Over the years, I've picked up the rather odd side-hustle of designing crosswords and other puzzles for various magazines. I've recently created a Doctor Who themed word search puzzle and the PDF is yours right now. Now, this might be for your kid(s) or it might be for you. I'm certainly not one to judge. Grab the PDF from my Dropbox now.

This thing is nothing fancy - just a black-and-white word search for you to print out and while away 10 minutes with. If you and/or your children enjoy it, please do reply to this email and let me know! Who knows - if the puzzle gets a good reception, I may make available a collection of themed word searches on a free/pay-what-you-can basis.

Free stuff from other people

Fancy a free trial of Audible, Amazon Prime and/or the Arrow Video Channel? You'll find handy links gathered at the bottom of this page on my site. The Audible trial includes a free audiobook you get to keep, while both Amazon Prime and the Arrow Video channel grant you access a whole hoard of entertainment for 30 days!

Help me help Ray Zell

My friend Ray Zell is the creator of Pandora, the Kerrang! magazine comic strip character formerly known as Pandora Peroxide. Now, as a result of the corona crisis, Kerrang! has decided to temporarily close its doors for three months. This is understandable, but unfortunately leaves Ray without income. He doesn't know I'm asking you this, and will kill me if he ever finds out, but if you happen to be a Pandora fan, please reply to this email and tell me what kind of Pandora-related things you would pay cash-money for. A Pandora T-shirt, for instance? What else would you like to see? Every response will be a real help. Thank you.

If you would like to help support Ray with a donation via my Ko-Fi account, then that would obviously be amazing. Please write 'FOR RAY' in the comment accompanying the donation. You rock! Even though Ray will KILL ME.

YouTube News: April 15, 2020

There's plenty of free entertainment on my retro YouTube channel, Jason Arnopp's Terrifying House Of Obsession. This month, my most popular new video has seen me try something new for the channel. I've digitised one of my old rock journo interview tapes - a 50-minute chat with the sadly departed Peter Steele of Type O Negative - and put it in a video, illustrated by lovely photos from my old mate Paul Harries. See the video here.

The other big YouTube news is that I started a second channel! The Lone Writer features writing chat and isolation vlogs. Check it out here.

Here are my five most popular YouTube videos in terms of 'watch time' (literally the amount of time people have spent watching them) over the last 28 days.

1) How to hook your old VCR up to your new smart TV 

2) Previously unheard 1996 interview with Peter Steele of Type O Negative

3) Retro lockdown unboxing session of various fun stuff

4) Is Britbox worth it? A close look at the BBC/ITV streamer

5) Disappointing first look at classic Doctor Who on BritBox
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  • Thanks EVER so much for staying subscribed to this list and for reading! It's hugely appreciated. Stay safe and well, please, and I'll see you in the next edition of The Necronoppicon.
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