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Taking the Plunge

We take feedback seriously.
We heard from you that you wanted to be able to save favorite resources, find connected content more easily, create sequences of resources that you use year after year — and that you needed a better browsing and search experience. So, we took the plunge and redesigned our website to provide a richer, more customizable user experience.
We are not new to the redesign process, but with 650 distinct resources and counting — including animations, virtual labs, films, and activities, as well as blogs and educator tips — redesigning our website felt like a daunting task. After working on this for more than a year and having resurfaced on the other side, we are excited about the results and hope you will like what you see.

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Create an Account

One of the biggest changes is our login feature. Regardless of whether you are logged in or not, you will have access to all the content on our website. However, creating an account has some benefits. You will be able to save your favorite resources, get recommendations of resources that match your content interests, see workshops relevant to you, and create resource “playlists.”

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Make Resource “Playlists”

Playlists are ordered sequences of BioInteractive resources, accompanied by detailed notes about how these resources can be implemented in the classroom to teach a lesson, unit, or even an entire course. If you’re logged in, you can save your favorite playlists, create your own, and/or share them with your colleagues and students.

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Sequence Lessons into “Storylines”

Storylines are coherent lesson sequences, with each step driven by students' questions, that culminate in students being able to explain phenomena. Our website now offers a Storyline Viewer tool. One of the most exciting functionalities of this tool is that you can use it to build and visualize your own storylines, or to modify an existing one. At launch, the Storyline Viewer only has a few existing storylines, but we have many more in development.

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Engage in Professional Learning

We now have a Professional Learning section on the website with tools and materials to enhance educators’ own content knowledge and pedagogy. We work closely with science educators at all stages of content development, and in planning and delivering workshops. Hear from educators through our new Educator Voices section, which contains implementation ideas and educator tips. Watch that space as we continue to grow our offerings!

Connect With Our Community

We love to hear from all visitors to our website with new ideas, suggestions, or kudos. So drop us a line. And remember that the best way to stay up to date on what we are doing is to read our newsletter, like us on Facebook and join our Facebook group, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

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