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May 2, 2012

Sunshine, Showers & Stolpersteine

Once again we are caught up in the wonder of springtime in Germany.  Dark skeletal branches, barren fields and scraggly shrubs are slowly transforming
under skies changing like a slide show from bright blue to watery grey.  All
around are the bright hues of green, yellow, purple and white.  We watch God renew His covenant with the earth, and we worship.  And we pray for a spiritual springtime here in the Eifel.  

 Walking in a Prepared Way:  Your prayers have surrounded us

 1)  During the meeting of the working group on April 30th for the laying of Stolpersteine (brass bricks before homes of Holocaust victims) in Gemünd:
  • The group added new members.  Sixteen were present, representing the local government, political parties, social groups, schools, churches and the orthodox Rabbi from Aachen.
  • There was agreement and readiness for the project.  Next year is the 800th anniversary of the founding of Gemünd.  The desire is to have some of the Stolpersteine placed by then.
  • Prayer is needed for the hard work of digging up the facts.  Pray for sources, accuracy and willing workers 
2)  As we visited with old friends and new acquaintances.  Helmut Scheler is an example. Our Kristallnacht report last November had a newspaper photograph of Helmut greeting Hanna at the meeting.  Ninety years old, he lost his wife six months ago.  A retired Lutheran minister, his strong trust in Jesus in the face of loneliness and pain is an inspiration—a light shinning in the darkness.

May 3-8 we will be in Berlin
  • We will meet with the church official overseeing Anglican ministry in Germany.
  • We will spend a day with a cross-cultural group of leaders.  They have asked that we teach on forgiveness and reconciliation.
  • There will be personal times with ministry colleagues, both former and present, for prayer, fellowship and planning.
Latest news on the book

Through an old friend the manuscript has been accepted for consideration by an established US publisher. Please pray that the Lord will show if this is a “fit.”  

Our ongoing prayer request for personal administrative help

God has supplied a small beginning.  This is a great encouragement to us.  

May 22 we return to Phoenix

Please pray for the time remaining in Germany. Often the Lord crams the last few days here with blessing.

Hanna and George
Serving in the ministry of reconciliation    


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