Safely back in Phoenix, filled with gratitude, we look back...
Six Days in Poland: A Pictorial Diary 

Safely back in Phoenix, filled with gratitude, we look back on our time in Poland: 


The City of Lodz

The Chemin Neuf community ( invited us to the Youth Festival in Lodz, Poland, July 19-25, 2016. 

About 5,500 young people from over 40 countries attended. 

The list of obstacles to extend our stay in Europe melted away one by one. 

Permissions granted.

Thursday evening, July 21, in the Paradise Halle, Lodz, Hanna shared the story of her parents who were held in the Lodz ghetto and the power of Jesus to heal our wounded hearts and give us the grace to forgive. (Click here for the text of Hanna’s talk)

The heart of the program.

Ending with the Aaronic Blessing.

Radegast Railway Station, Lodz

Amalie and Markus Zack, Hanna’s parents, arrived at Radegast Station, Lodz, the beginning of November 1941, and left from there the beginning of May 1942 for their final journey.

Record of their arrival.

Today Radegast is a memorial. Hasso, a German priest, with two Nazi grandfathers, together with Hanna, shared in eight workshop sessions on the Radegast platform. Amazing connections with young people from the nations…Egypt, Lebanon, Slovakia, Hungary, Korea, etc! 

Hanna with a group from Egypt.

At the book table.

Left to right: Julia, Hanna, George, Ryan, Noleen, Martin, Hasso.


In 2010, ten of us visited Chelmno, the death camp where Hanna’s parents entered the gas van. (See A Garland for Ashes, and Meine Krone in der Asche, chapters 19-21). Six years ago we arrived there on the anniversary of their deaths on May 3, 1942. But the gate to the site was locked; it was a national holiday and we could not enter and pray in the place of their final footprints. 

This time on Sunday, July 24, 2016, our last day in Poland, the Lord opened the way for us to visit Chelmno again, with a group of 20 or so. 

We were welcomed by the museum curator. In the last years the concrete covering the foundation of the building had been removed, revealing the path of their death route. 

The curator asked for Hanna’s parents names to honor their memory.

Four of us—Julia, Ryan, George and Hanna from the original ten who visited in 2010—prayed together with brothers and sisters from Germany, Holland, Belgium, Bolivia, Poland, France, UK and USA at the passageway leading to the gas van.

German brothers and sisters praying with Hanna and Julia in Chelmno.

The KISI kids have just sung in Hebrew.

We lift our hearts in thanksgiving: 1) to our heavenly Father for opening a door to an opportunity far beyond our wildest dreams, 2) to the Chemin Neuf community for their invitation and care for us during this stretching experience, and 3) to you, our prayer partners, who were holding us up before the Lord

Please pray as we recover and rest, and ask the Lord about returning to Europe:
If? When?

Many of you have been praying for our co-worker Cheri and her husband Jess. He is healing from his serious surgery, and they both thank you for your loving prayers.

Jess and Cheri

So we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another. Romans 12:5



The Thurmans—Ryan Noleen and Keilah—took most of the photographs.

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