June 12, 2012 

From Hanna and George 

 One example of the mysterious interaction between our prayers
and the sovereignty of God: 

Last month’s letter ended with, “Please pray for the time remaining in Germany.  Often the Lord crams the last few days here with blessing.”
We met with Heike and Erik.  They had been at the last Stolperstein meeting in Gemünd.  The meeting had gone well, but there was no one available to research the families of Jewish Holocaust victims. The project was being held back.

Over coffee and cake, Heike, a teacher at the local high school, told us, “The woman sitting across the table at the Stolperstein meeting was my boss. She was so impressed by the importance of this initiative that she agreed for my class to make a special project of researching the families of Jewish Holocaust victims from Gemünd!”

You prayed and God brought the breakthrough.

During March, April and May We Were Based in Germany:
  • Our relationships in Gemünd and the Eifel continued to deepen.
  • A positive uptick in the Stolperstein process was a clear answer to prayer. 
  • We met with the Canon who oversees Anglican work in Germany. 
  • We taught on forgiveness and reconciliation during a retreat in Berlin.
  • George is, slowly, teaching more in the German language.
  • We met an old colleague from India, Joseph, who leads a church movement among the Dalits (outcasts) that has become Anglican. 
  • Wittenberg 2017, an Antioch Network initiative of repentance and prayer, is gaining momentum.   

During June, July and August We Will Be Based in Phoenix:

  • Hanna is finalizing her manuscript.  Pray with us for God’s direction for publishing.  
  • Antioch Network has become a partner ministry of our church diocese. 
  • July 19-22 – George will be teaching on spiritual formation at a retreat in Texas. 
  • July 25-29 – We will be on retreat with the Antioch Network leadership Council.
  • August 14-22 – We will be on a personal quiet retreat in the high desert.
  • September 11 – Our scheduled return to Germany.
  • Personal administrative help – We are so grateful for Cheri who is serving us part time with enthusiasm and skill.  Additional help is still needed.

Antioch Network Change of Address

The primary administrative base of Antioch Network has relocated, effective immediately, to Austin, TX.  This new address is especially relevant for those of you who already partner with us financially, or who would like to.  

Antioch Network
3800 North Lamar Blvd.
Suite 730, Box 315
Austin, TX 78756

phone/fax: +1-480-844-3736

What an amazing adventure to walk together with you and with Jesus.  We are grateful.

Hanna and George




are small, brass bricks laid in the pavement outside homes where Jewish Holocaust victims once lived, inscribed with their names and place and date of death. They are common in a number of German cities. 



The laying of Stolpersteine is a public act of contrition, acknowledging historic evil.  It opens the way for God's forgiveness, cleansing and healing to flow to individuals, families and regions.  For this we have prayed for years. 


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We could not do what we do without you.  



Antioch Network

3800 North Lamar Blvd.
Suite 730, Box 315
Austin, TX 78756

phone/fax: +1-480-844-3736 

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