Herbst (Autumn) in the Eifel


Dear Friends,

As we write, a bright September morning sun filters through the many windows in our apartment under the roof. The trees are golden tipped. We are back in the Eifel. 

The events in Dolny, Kubin, Slovakia, (see our last letter) have been delayed.

The new dates for Dolny Kubin enabled us to attend another meeting of the Stolpersteine working group in Gemünd last Thursday. We noticed a group of young people walking ahead of us as we approached the meeting place—St. Nicholas Church in Gemünd. We discovered they were seven students with two of their teachers from the local Gymnasium (high school), also visiting the working group. Bright, eager and mature, they are studying the history of the Jews of Gemünd, and have invited us to visit their class on October 4.

The goal is to lay the brass sidewalk bricks in May 2013 as part of Gemünd’s 800th anniversary celebration. Finding the dates of birth, correct street addresses and dates of death of the former Jewish citizens is proving arduous for the working group. Pray for wisdom in decision-making.


1 – Our website: Thanks to the skill and hard work of our administrative helper Cheri, we are ready for you to take a peek at our developing website  George continues to add teaching articles regularly. If you are looking for where to start, check out the teaching series Maturing toward Wholeness in the Inner Life.

2 – The book: Outskirts Press works with authors who self-publish their book, and they will be our publisher. Kathi, our friend and editor, has just published her book Health Care Research Done Right with Outskirts and is guiding us through the complex process. What a gift! We will keep you posted.

Here are two pictures from our journey in 2010 when we followed the steps of Hanna’s parents from the Eifel to their deaths in Poland in 1941-2. Our journey began at the Jewish cemetery in Gemünd and ended in Poland. They are part of the pictures we are assembling to be used in the book. (Photographer Ryan Thurman)

Linked in the Father’s love,

George and Hanna

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