From George & Hanna Miley
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We bend the knee
​w​hile we own the mystery

Dear Ones,

We are awed by God's mercy; he hears our prayers and responds in grace.


On the morning of April 17 we were in the hospital chapel surrounded by friends from church. They had come to pray with us on the day of Hanna's surgery. We experienced God's care in the long and complex procedure and the steady recovery during the weeks that have followed. 
Hanna with the surgeon at her recent follow-up appointment

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When should we return to Europe? 

We have missed the Wittenberg 2017 meeting in Trento, Italy, and the laying of 9 more Stolpersteine in Gemünd.

A Garland for Ashes is being translated into the German language, and Brunnen Verlag plans to have the German version available in October.
Click here to see the complete publicity page from Brunnen Verlag
 â€‹ for Meine Krone in der Asche​
Gemünd is making preparations for the anniversary of Kristallnacht on November 9/10, 2014. When should we return to Europe? How long should we stay? We both are aware of our growing physical limitations, but have the sense that we are to be alert to the opportunities that God is opening to us. 


We are reconnecting with the past! 

Operation Mobilisation's thriving publishing ministry near Hyderabad, India, has agreed to print an International English edition of A Garland for Ashes. This version is specifically intended for purchase in India and other countries in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean at prices suitable for wide distribution. We don't want price to prevent people receiving this message of Christ's forgiveness and healing.
KC Joseph with his wife. He is head of publishing for Operation Mobilisation in India.
Hyderabad, India: The city where we were married in 1971 and where the book will be printed.

Please join us in thanksgiving and ​prayer for:

1 - God's healing.
2 - His timing in our movements.
3 - His anointing on the translator for Meine Krone in der Asche
4 - The International English (Indian) edition of A Garland for Ashes

One with you in the love of Jesus,

Funding Forgiveness and Reconciliation
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