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November 2013

From George and Hanna:
Report from Germany  

The Eifel

A crowd packed the Kursaal on October 12 for the concluding meeting of Gemünd’s 800th anniversary celebrations. 

The master of ceremonies and Hanna
Hanna writes: I had been asked to give a brief speech, and with the text in my hand I wondered if my prepared words would “fit” with the rest of the program filled with Eifel history and humor. Then the Bürgermeister (mayor) spoke just before me with eloquence and sincerity, saying, “When I look back on the events of 2013, one word comes to my mind--Thankfulness.” My heart jumped; the Lord had given me the same word! (click here for Hanna’s speech)

On June 23 when George and I had been in the Kursaal for the opening event of the anniversary, we had been surrounded by intercessors. This time our prayer partners were praying far from Gemünd. But once again we experienced the power of Jesus’ tangible Presence and His desire to bless my home town and region. 

Volkenroda, Thuringia

The region of Thuringia, situated in the former Communist East Germany, is known for the beauty of its landscape, its association with events in Martin Luther’s life and as one of the most secular areas of Germany today. Volkenroda is the name of a small Thuringian village and a community of Christians living in the restored ruins of a Cistercian monastery founded in 1131. We met in this place filled with symbols of reconciliation--a redeeming of past history and marriage of ancient and 21st century faith. We gathered in the chapter room where the monks would have assembled to make important decisions. A round, ancient stone, depicting a lamb and the outstretched arms of his shepherd, sat at the edge of our circle.
The Good Shepherd and the Lamb
Antioch Network Gathering (October 21-25): As the Apostolic (leadership) Council of the Antioch Network fellowship met after the Gathering, we discerned that the Lord had confirmed three things:
  •  We are called to the ministry of reconciliation.
  •  We are called to identify, develop and release apostolicly-gifted leaders.
  •  The Spirit is highlighting to us the importance of “place”--the fellowship is anchored in a growing number of places: Austin, Phoenix, Pittsburg, Seattle, Gemünd, Berlin, Wittenberg, Wieselburg (Austria), Rome, Prague, Turkey, Middle East, Senegal, Israel, India.
Wittenberg 2017 (October 27-30): Wittenberg 2017 is an initiative of prayer, repentance and grieving for the divisions in Christ’s body. The opening words of the principles underlying this initiative, written by Thomas Cogdell, are:

The irresistible purpose of Jesus is to return to a united Church universal. Our current reality is that the Church universal is divided--in heart, purpose, thinking and organizational structures. Each division has a story. Every division brings pain to God’s heart. No division can be simply “undone.” Any division can be healed and reconciled with the power of God. (Click here for the Principles in full)
Thomas and his mother Ann
Lutheran leaders among us led a time of repentance in the restored church. Each of us brought a paper imprinted with a selection of words from Luther’s book The Jews and Their Lies written in 1543. After being invited to write our own personal words of confession and repentance on our paper, we laid them at the foot of the cross--a life-size medieval, broken image of Christ rescued from the ruins.
His appearance was so marred, beyond human semblance, and His form beyond that of the children of mankind. -- Isaiah 52:14
The fragrance of His Presence was pervasive. Within our diversity of a wide age range, countries, and different Christian streams we experienced the unity of our longing and our prayers. It seemed very significant that five Messianic Jews were among us.
We discussed three possible places for Wittenberg 2017 meetings in 2014: Trent, Rome and Israel.
Joy over a shared meal
Wittenberg 2017 coordinating group in prayer
See full gallery of photos from Volkenroda provided by several photographers here.

We are scheduled to fly back to Phoenix on November 29. Please pray for:
  •  the rest of our time here in the Eifel--meeting with individuals
  •  our physical infirmities!
  •  a German publisher and translator for A Garland for Ashes
  •  our journey back to Arizona
A Garland for Ashes continues to experience brisk sales. People are already telling Hanna they are purchasing copies for Christmas presents. It is available on, and
United in Jesus, our Messiah,

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