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April 2013 

Back to the Eifel! 

What happened? We had been invited to the final meeting of the Stolperstein working group in Gemünd on April 16 to enjoy with them the fruit of their labors. Nine Stolperstein are scheduled to be laid in the town’s pavements on July 1 to remember and honor Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Hanna’s parents are among them. We had planned to leave Phoenix and fly to the Eifel on April 9, but, alas, here we are writing from Phoenix. What happened?
Shingles and a lumpectomy! George suddenly came down with shingles, and the doctor found a lump during Hanna’s annual exam. We felt the buffeting of our souls and bodies, and yet were surrounded by the prayers of brothers and sisters. Amazingly, though George is still weak, his shingles infection is subsiding, and Hanna’s biopsy report came back “benign”. Suddenly all barriers to returning to the Eifel were removed! We have our tickets to arrive there on April 26, and will stay until July 8.
Fully convinced that the Lord delights to hear and answer prayer, we are bold to ask for your prayers ... again:
  • Please pray for the protection of the Spirit and the presence of Jesus during our stay, especially in opportunities to meet groups, individuals and the media. Hanna’s role as patron of Gemünd’s 800th anniversary is opening new doors. Pray that people will see how, through confession and repentance, God can cleanse, heal and redeem the past. 
  • On June 23 “Jewish Life in Gemünd--Remembering Our Former Neighbors” will be part of Gemünd’s 800th anniversary celebration. Hanna will give a speech, representing the former Jewish population. The rabbi from Aachen will be present and participate in a prayer service with Christian ministers. Please pray for a spirit of repentance in remembering the past. We sense the Lord wants to bless the citizens of Gemünd, especially the youth. 
  • On July 1 the Stolperstein will actually be laid. We ask for the Lord’s anointing on Hanna as she represents the silenced Jews of Gemünd.

A German newspaper article following their final meeting on April 16th shows the working group holding three of the nine Stolperstein. The title reads "Brass Plates to Help Us Not to Forget".

A Short Report

  • George’s ordination to the Anglican priesthood on March 20 was marked by a spirit of joy among those who attended. We sense this is a step God has asked George to take. It has to do with His call on us to the ministry of forgiveness and reconciliation. 

  • A Garland for Ashes: WWII, the Holocaust, and One Jewish Survivor’s Long Journey to Forgiveness. Hanna’s book editor has just sent the publisher 177 corrections (mostly small items) in response to their draft print-ready manuscript. We understand this is normal. The completed book will soon be available for purchase on Please pray.

Funding Forgiveness and Reconciliation

To partner with us in financing this ministry of forgiveness, healing and reconciliation, gifts may be sent to the address below, designated for the reconciliation ministry of George and Hanna Miley, or made via the website THANK YOU!
Antioch Network
3800 North Lamar Blvd.
Suite 730, Box 315
Austin, TX 78756
phone/fax: +1-480-844-2726
We are deeply strengthened by your partnership in the gospel.

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