This conference will explore the threats to and the connection between environmental and human rights and will focus on how activists can make a difference.
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This Saturday 23rd March is the Amnesty regional conference in Cambridge entitled "Our Rights in Today's Climate". The conference will explore the threats to and the connection between environmental and human rights and will focus on how activists can make a difference. There are still tickets available here, but please book them as soon as possible.  

Climate change is one of the greatest human rights challenges of our time. Extreme weather-related disasters and rising seas will destroy homes and ruin people’s ability to earn a living. The link between environmental rights and human rights is not new. In the last decades Amnesty has campaigned for justice for many environmental activists and for communities such as those affected by the oil spills in the Niger delta.

Keynote speaker Dr Damien Short will look at a range of the above issues, from consumption patterns to the growing threats to environmental human rights defenders. As the Director of the Human Rights Consortium of the University of London he has done extensive research with regards to the anti-fracking movement in the UK. Finding evidence of police violence and "arrest quotas", he has argued that fracking development poses a significant risk to a range of key human rights.

The keynote speech with be followed by workshops looking at the rights of indigenous people in India and Bangladesh, Amnesty’s policy on climate change, women’s rights and the environment and the effect of industrial and agricultural changes in Brazil and its impact on the human rights of civil society.

After lunch a second set of workshops will focus on campaigning: creative activism, writing, fundraising and self-care for activists.

Also in the UK fundamental rights are in jeopardy, from Brexit to hate crime and the Human Rights Act. Freedom to protest is at risk as evidenced by Dr Short’s work with the anti-fracking movement and even more so with the recent conviction under terrorism-related legislation of the Stansted 15. Although they have been spared jail, their actions -preventing a deportation flight from leaving- at no point harmed anyone. As such they have been convicted of an offence which doesn’t fit their actions.

We are honoured that Melanie Strickland of the Stansted 15 will speak at the afternoon panel entitled “Human Rights under threat: do we need a new playbook?”. She will be joined by three other experts in the field of environmental and human rights, both in the UK and abroad.

Full conference details are available here:

Please book your place for this conference at . Tickets are £8.25 for the whole day (incl lunch) and £3.30 for either the morning or the afternoon. The conference starts 10:30am at and finishes at 4pm. Young people aged 14 and over are very welcome to attend. (For those aged 14-17, please download a parental consent form here)

Looking forward to seeing you on the 23rd March.

Best wishes,

Liesbeth ten Ham
Regional Representative East Anglia

PS Unfortunately this conference, which was planned since last November, clashes with the People's Vote march in London. Although Amnesty has no position on a people's vote (but it has a lot of opinions about any consequential deterioration of our rights due to Brexit or otherwise), there will be an opportunity for those wishing to express their support for the march during lunch

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Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is a British mum serving a five-year prison sentence in Iran - for a crime she didn't commit.
She is being treated awfully in prison. When she was first arrested she was thrown into solitary confinement. She has also been refused medical care and has been forced to go on hunger strike.

Nazanin is under the diplomatic protection of the UK. Iran must release her immediately. Help get her home by signing the petition here.


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