because people don't open marketing emails
Push Notifications - don't get ignored
It takes less than a minute to log in to the Content Management System and push out an instant message to your app users. Recipients can read most of this message as it arrives without needing to open your app; however, most people can't resist opening your app to remove the '1' outstanding push message. Based on this known behaviour, some businesses push limited-time offers in order to pull in customers quickly during quieter periods.

It doesn't matter what your message is, if you are delivering it via an old channel, the vast majority of people will not even notice it, never mind read or act on it. How effective are your marketing emails?

The big difference between a push notification from a local business app vs a global consumer app is that the message is highly relevant to the user. Every business will be using this technology within a couple of years, so the big opportunity to benefit from this is now.
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