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Easily edit everything in YOUR iPHONE iPAD & ANDROID APP within the Content Management System
Business owners occasionally log in to their dashboard to edit their specials, events, offers, products, images & send out push notifications direct to their customers. If you've ever uploaded a photo to Facebook or typed up a document in Word, then you possess the technical skills required to edit your own mobile app!
Too busy? ...just spend 5 minutes each month sending out updates or offers to your customers in the most direct way possible!

The way in which people respond to your marketing efforts has shifted significantly, it is therefore imperative that you adapt and take full advantage of the mobile opportunity by creating your own app earlier than the majority of your competitors.

1. Mobile usage vs mobile marketing is highly disproportionate. It will catch up as more firms discover ways to target mobile users. The gap in the market alone makes it the most powerful form of marketing that exists today!

2. Loyalty App prices are still relatively low, but as more and more medium-sized companies order their apps,  prices will continue to rise. The next price increase is set for mid-November. Only want a mobile website? We can do this for you.

3. An app is currently the best way for your customers to have convenient 24/7 access to your specials, events, menus, latest news, offers and much more, all in one place; as their mobile device is always within reach. 99% of businesses use Facebook, Twitter and their website to communicate with customers, so how do you stand out?

4. How much would you pay to permanently place your logo on each of your customers' mobile screens? Your customers are addicted to their mobile devices yet most companies haven't yet got around to mobile marketing! There are already hundreds of thousands of apps available for them to download. It won't be too long before there are millions. The number of push notifications that individuals receive from their apps will also increase drastically over the next few years, as they are free to send using our platform! Remember the days when you opened every marketing email you received...?

5. Be forward-thinking. Beat your competitors to it! How many small or medium-sized business apps do you have on your phone? Ask your staff how many they currently have... One? None? An SME with their own app is something that is going to come up in conversations! Any of your regular customers that download your app will be able to be easily show and tell their friends about you because you have given them a unique and powerful way to do so. This used to happen when the first SME websites started appearing in the 90s...

To set up your no-obligation 10-minute app demo, simply reply to this email or call 020 3086 8170 today.

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