without consuming your time...
1. PRINT MARKETING: a poster on display by the till, which we create for you or share the file with your designer
poster    poster

2. ONLINE MARKETING: website, social media, emails - make it as easy as possible for people to access your App Store or Google Play listing with one click

3. MOBILE MARKETING: send an SMS to your database containing your app links

4. VERBAL COMMUNICATION: make customers aware that they are missing out on the most important communications or offers by not having your app 

5. APP SHARING: offer small rewards to customers who show that they've posted your app link onto their own Facebook or Twitter profile using the check-in button

6. OFFERS: for example, give 15% OFF an under-performing product in August only to those who have your app - OR 40% OFF between 2-5pm for groups - OR new customer incentives

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