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OK, so obviously your very own iPhone, iPad & Android Loyalty App will result in your customers returning more often and spending more money, but here are 5 simple ways to get NEW CUSTOMERS as a result of your app:
1. Stand out from the crowd: create a buzz about your brand which makes it easier for customers to bring you up in conversations with friends... they will be carrying around your marketing materials 24/7 (be a part of their smartphone addiction!)

2. Tell-a-friend button: reward customers who show that they've auto-posted your app link onto their own social media pages with a few taps. How are you encouraging Digital Word-of-Mouth?

3. App Store / Google Play searches: we use relevant keywords that will make it possible for your target audience to stumble across your app, driving them into your business

4. All marketing communications with an app STAND OUT MORE: whether it's on flyers handed out to passers-by and local office buildings, or an eye-catching screenshot of your app along with the Download on the App Store logo on your website and social media sites

5. Create offers for groups: spend 10 seconds sending out a Push Notification to your app users; for example, "50% OFF between 2-5pm TODAY for groups of 4 or more" (who must show that they each have the app to redeem the offer). You could also sell deals for groups via the app's shopping cart feature. Is there a more powerful way (than push notifications) to get a message through to your audience?
Loyalty App features include push notifications, loyalty stamps, shopping cart, reservations, social media integration - to see more features CLICK on:
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PRICING: Most importantly, the majority of app developers charge £5,000 - 10,000. Here at Loyalty Apps apps4firms we charge hundreds NOT thousands, to create an app that is arguably better suited to your business and your customers (Silicon Valley, California development team)... 40+ apps published, 100% client retention rate


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