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Mobile Loyalty Stamp Cards obviously solve a problem for consumers (too many paper/plastic cards to carry around/lose). Yes, your customers and their friends will download your free app 'for mobile loyalty rewards, free stuff, exclusive offers, VIP membership, for the latest specials and events, easy bookings, food orders or to buy products and deals' or whatever you want to tell them, but forget about them for a minute... you want to create your very own communication channel direct to their phones/tablets and ultimately make more money as a result (we have a 100% client retention rate and we don't believe in contracts!)

Loyalty stamp cards and offers are not for every business (you know who you are) so we would exclude this feature, as with the app we are making for VERSACE HOME, where there's more chance of being asked to leave than being offered a '6th marble wall for free' stamp card...

See below these screenshots for 2 very important points about the business app industry...


(1) Features vs Features, our apps win! That's a FACT, not an opinion. Aside from that, any other UK marketing companies that make affordable mobile apps for businesses do not have the ability to customise every aspect of your app. For example, every small business app in MANCHESTER looks like a clone because the buttons are identical and are always positioned in one row at the bottom! We can custom design each button and the layout of them, so whether it's a wooden fence button, hot dog button, tooth button or a pattern matching one on your website, we can do it.
(2) As for shared apps, their main weakness is that they do NOT offer you the ability to engage with your customers (it's just a mobile stamp card) and with regards to branding, why on earth would you want to pay to be on the same shared app with your local competitors?! There are far too many shared apps so they don't get enough consumers using them; they rely heavily on each business to promote it, which doesn't happen because each business would in turn be promoting their competition.

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