Introducing UK SME’s to high quality mobile apps at an affordable price
Mobile app usage overtook internet usage well over a year ago, so how have you adapted your marketing approach in 2012 to take advantage of this?

A mobile app for your business is NOT a luxury. It is the most powerful marketing tool that exists today!

People are spending more and more of their time on tablets and smartphones.
On average, people check their phones 150 times a day. 91% of all smartphone users have their phone within arm’s reach 24/7 (Morgan Stanley) and 64% of mobile phone time is spent on apps (Nielsen).

Mobile marketing is essential if you want to fully engage your audience and stay/get ahead of your competition. A Loyalty App enables you to generate loyal customers whilst creating a buzz that attracts new customers. You can ‘push’ important messages to your customers’ phones and tablets (which often they can’t ignore), create a loyalty system or replace your old cardboard and stamp system, sell products or offers, receive food orders, receive reservations/appointments, integrate social media and your blog, list menus/services, collect email addresses, enable easy contact and much more. Our Silicon Valley (California) platform is ahead of other business app services in the UK and costs a lot less. Up until this summer, only large companies had their own mobile apps - the sole reason: cost.  

We’re sure you’ll order your Loyalty App at some point. It’s up to you whether you get one now (while prices are still low) to be ahead of your competitors or get one later because you’re the only company that doesn’t have one. The earlier you get one, the more newsworthy and share-able it will be. 
Delaying your app launch to focus on a website is nonsensical, this is 2012 not 2002. HTML5 mobile websites are widely regarded as the future of mobile websites; we include one of these for free with your iPhone, iPad and Android Loyalty Apps.

Contact Loyalty Apps Ltd (apps4firms) today to set up a no-obligation demo. It takes us just 10 minutes to create a preview of your business app in our own time and then 10 minutes to demonstrate how it works in person. Call 020 3086 8170 or 07904 471872, or simply reply to this email.

Purple Cow

…based on the life-changing book, by Seth Godin.

When you first saw a black and white cow, it was remarkable! “Wow, look at that!” …but after seeing hundreds of them, you stopped noticing their existence.

Imagine if you saw a purple cow today! would you stop to look? would you tell everybody?!

What if, 6 months later, there were thousands of purple cows everywhere? wouldn’t it be about as exciting as seeing a black and white cow?

Are there lots of coffee shops in London? what about salons? or restaurants that receive food orders via telephone? what about paper loyalty cards? twitter posts or email marketing?


Current Loyalty Apps

Allow us to demonstrate how your app would work by showing you some apps we have already made for London businesses 

We also want to show you what your app could look like and how simple the content management system is to use, so that you can easily make changes to your app ongoing

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NEW Reservations feature

  • allow customers to make reservations directly inside your app
  • manage reservations with a built-in calendar
  • implement an optional upfront % commitment fee
  • receive email notifications
  • allow users to register accounts for easy scheduling in future
  • receive more bookings and increase repeat visits


It depends on your business, but typically starts at: £295 set-up fee + £35 per month
  • iPhone, iPad & Android - which we design, develop and publish, along with an HTML5 mobile website
  • unlimited Push Notifications, loyalty cards, offers, user downloads (they get your app free)
  • edit your app anytime with changes reflected instantly within the app on every user's device (quite unique)
  • ongoing support via email/phone, in addition to the Help Desk which contains hundreds of searchable articles relating to your issue/question
  • brief training session on how to have your customers/staff make best use of the app, how to send messages, create offers, etc.
We can have YOUR BUSINESS APP ready for publishing within a week!!
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