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Paul Huschilt's
Expect Everything

Can There be Humour in your Workplace?

Google googled Google when I typed “fun places to work”.
An article by CNBC cited a designated bike lane (inside, not out) in Google’s Netherlands office, and grazing goats that mow the lawn in environmentally friendly ways rarely seen since The Flintstones. In their Zurich office, Google encouraged collaboration by having employees hang out in hammocks together. It worked.
Google’s reputation for being the coolest, most adaptive place to work is almost set in stone. But do they force their employees to have fun? Can you even do that? Google it, and you’ll soon find the answer is “Um, no.” 
You can’t force people to have fun, because human beings, hammock-bound or not, have their own unique ways of looking at the world around them.  Inside each person’s mission control is where an executive decision is made whether to have fun or not.
That said, you can create an environment whereby it’s cool to have fun getting your work done. One way to do this is to maintain clear measures for success while giving people the latitude to manage their time and work, and making it easy and comfortable to laugh at the office.
Whether you lead an office or work for yourself, how about revisiting the workplace you create? Is it conducive to being creative, getting work done, and having fun?

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Paul is a professional speaker and writer with an odd background of corporate work, arts management, training in adult ed. and counselling, singing in the opera, and acting.  He creates and delivers very funny keynotes, including the one-of-a-kind keynote "The Ultimate Ending / Paul's World Famous Conference Ending Summary".

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