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Paul Huschilt's
Expect Everything

A Time Limited Offer - Parking!


We all have pet peeves. Mine is street parking. Well, not exactly. I actually enjoy lining up the front doors, turning the wheel one full rotation, backing up until a voice inside my head tells me to stop. Forward. Back. Forward. Back…
After squeezing two tons of steel into a space the size of an empty can of soup, I feel I’ve accomplished something. My day’s work is done.
Except it isn’t. Because in Toronto at least, if you are lucky, you get one hour to park.  If you are lucky.
Parking the car is the easy part. Finding parking and then getting done what needs doing before being ticketed is what’s near impossible.
Yesterday, I finally found a spot that hadn’t been taken by any other car, garbage can, or bit of glacier formed over the months of snow removal, that grudgingly offered 1 hour parking all day except between 1 and 2 and between 7 and 8, any day but Tuesdays, on odd months only. Without the aid of a parking abacus and advanced degree in math, I figured it was OK, parked the car, walked 10 minutes to a coffee shop, met a friend, complained about the state of parking for 40 minutes, walked back together for 10, moved the car for 20, walked another 10 to a closer coffee shop, caught up on each other’s lives for another 40 minutes and then pulled away before the approaching meter maid (a man) could finish copying down the last three digits of my licence.
Believe you me, there are times when I am three-quarters of a car length away from selling my car for cab fare home.
But at least I was able to catch up with an old friend. We didn’t make the rules, we made them work.
Over the next couple of weeks, if something that can’t or won’t be changed is truly frustrating you, maybe ask yourself how can you make it work?
Have a great couple of weeks!

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