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Paul Huschilt's
Expect Everything

What to Learn from Hummingbirds


I spent the last weekend of summer hanging out with family in my sister’s backyard.  We had some visitors – Hummingbirds.  12 of them according to the consensus of those who cared to count.
They are cute, tiny, and amazing little helicopters.  But these perfect little flying machines have some issues.
They are gullible.  A red plastic feeder full of sugar and water seems to be an ideal substitute for flowers full of organic nectar.  Maybe it’s just the lack of suitable alternatives, maybe refined sugar wrapped in plastic is better than the real thing, or maybe hummingbirds don’t care about diet.
Hummingbirds have a temper.  If they could talk, the late summer air would be filled with piercing high pitch whine complaining about whose turn it is at the plastic sugar water feeder.  It’s common to see them fiercely flying at their friends and colleagues.
At an average of 50 heart beats per second, their bodies are working hard.  Who am I to say it’s stressful for them, but that can’t be easy.
They burn a lot of energy.  The tiny wings have to flap at an invisible speed to keep them airborne and occasionally stationary.  Watching them I had to ask myself – is this efficient?  An eagle finds an updraft and flaps once an hour while looking for prey.  Hummingbirds – 4,000 to 12,000 flaps per minute.  Are these bright green birds (at least in southern Canada) leaving a non-green footprint?
What can we learn from hummingbirds?
Over these next couple of weeks, maybe we should all 
Flap less, avoid arguments, and eat better.

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