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Paul Huschilt's
Expect Everything

We Can Fly!!
I have to travel a lot in my business, much of the time by air.  For me it’s become just another mode of transportation.  I’d like to be a jet-setter of the 1960’s or at least still fascinated by being airborne.  But for me and likely most of us planning a trip, flying has been reduced to playing the games created by airlines, reducing costs as much as possible and maximizing loyalty points.
Amazingly, the excitement of flying came back last week.  I was on a small prop jet that was literally a puddle jumper.  In the row ahead were two young children, aged about four and six (Mom was nearby across the aisle).  These kids were not worried that they paid more or less than the people around them.  They were not worried about the airline knowing them.  They were about to fly.  FLY!  It's like something from a dream. 
As we taxied to the runway, they couldn’t contain themselves.  Loudly talking back and forth about the flight, every bump and noise was interesting, scary, and fun.  Then the jets roared and we barrelled down the tarmac.  “We’re about the fly, we’re about to fly!” they yelled.  And then it happened.  The land fell away and they both screamed “WE’RE FLYING! WE’RE FLYING! WE – ARE – FLY – ING!!”. 
Their enthusiasm was contagious.  Everyone was smiling and laughing and suddenly more excited than they’d been in years about being in the air.  What a remarkable thing to do – fly!
It made me think of all of the now mundane things that we take for granted.  There’s a lot to be fascinated by around us.  Flying, driving (even if in traffic), and instant information about anything, anywhere, using a cell phone, are just a few easy examples.
We live in an incredible age.  This week, how about looking at the world around you with non-jaded eyes.  See the ordinary and find excitement in things that should be exciting.
Have a great couple of weeks.

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