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Paul Huschilt's
Expect Everything

For long time readers, you may remember this gem, now updated, from the treasure chest of time.  It was getting pretty hectic around me in the last few weeks, and time seemed to be getting away from me.  I thought about this previous newsletter and it helped…  (The original note was inspired from reading an article in the Toronto Star many years ago.)
There are two Greek words for time:
‘Kairos’ and ‘Chronos’...

Kairos is an awesome sense of ‘forever’ in the ‘now.’ It’s the time you need to gaze into your lover’s eyes for an eternity.  It’s when you get lost in the awesome stillness at the centre of your breathing in and out.  Experiencing ‘Kairos’ is good for the soul.

Chronos, on the other hand, is logical. It tick-tocks away with the regularity of alarm clocks.  Although chronos spreads time out in measured bits so you can see that it exists, the experience of it is that time is running out. Time is a commodity. Time is money. Time can be wasted or spent wisely. Life is a race and you have to keep up.

Chronos is an endless treadmill; Kairos is an eternal path. In Chronos we catch trains, keep schedules and pay bills on time. In Kairos we fall in love and make changes in our lives.

There is little danger in our society of not getting our daily dose of chronos. Over the next few weeks, try to steal a sense of Kairos, of eternal time.  You’ll give your deadlines a rest, and probably end up freeing your mind to work better in the here and now.

It’s easier than you think.  Smile at someone; enjoy a deep breath; remember what a wonderful day it is. Maybe even stop and smell the roses. 

Have a great two Chronos weeks and a Kairos enternity!

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