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Okay, with that out of the way, you guys will be getting hit with a few more newsletters than usual next month, only because I have a few new releases in July. Make that 3. Yeah, a lot! So I combined the June newsletter with a new release to save you some time. I'm also going to combine some info next month though so you'll only get 2 newsletters in July. Sorry about that. But I have new releases, two series ending (goodbye Wicked Warrens and Good to Go) and one heck of a book bundle to share.

Oh, and did I mention the contests?????  So here we go...


  • The Troublemaker Next Door is the first of my McCauley Brothers series at Sourcebooks. It earned a Top Pick Gold rating--as high as they come!!--from RT Book Reviews. Get it in ebook and print--and in your local B&N!
  • A Major Seduction, the second in my Good to Go trilogy, features a rough and tumble Marine who falls head over heels for his little sister's best friend--the same girl who used to have a crush on him when younger. But now they're both all grown up. If you like military romances with sexy Marines, this is the book for you.
  • Next month look for several brand new releases. I apologize in advance for the multiples, but the timing just happens to settle in July. July 1st--Bending the Rules (the final Wicked Warrens story).  Then July 8th--A Major Distraction (Brad's story, the final Good to Go novella). And finally, July 21st--Mastered: 10 Tales of Sensual Surrender (a BDSM book bundle of stories from Opal Carew, Joey Hill, Carrie Ann Ryan, Kate Pearce, me--Marie Harte, and more amazing authors.) Don't miss out on our special .99 pricing. This is one book you don't want to miss!

Works in Progress

  • Wetwork, the last in my The Works series, for hopeful tie-in to the Mastered bundle coming in July. I'm working hard on it!
  • Served Sweet, the final book in my Best Revenge trilogy for Samhain. Look out for a baker with an axe, not a knife, to grind.


2014 Release Schedule (Hold onto your hats)

  • June 3--The Troublemaker Next Door (McCauley Brothers) and Love In Electric Blue (Westlake Enterprises) in print
  • June 17-- A Major Seduction (Good to Go)
  • July 1--Bending the Rules (Wicked Warrens)
  • July 8--A Major Distraction (Good to Go)
  • July 21--Mastered Bundle
  • August 5--How to Handle a Heartbreaker (McCauley Brothers)
  • August 12--Dark Fates anthology (Jackal's Measure--my story)
  • September--Best Revenge: Served Cold and Good To Go (electronic bundle)
  • October 6th--Ruining Mr. Perfect (McCauley Brothers)
  • November 4th--What To Do With a Bad Boy (McCauley Brothers)
  • December--Prey & Prejudice print release, Best Revenge: Served Hot and Good to Go (print bundle)
Sourcebooks is giving away print copies of The Troublemaker Next Door on my blog tour. Check out my remaining blog stops for a chance to win. Also, there are 5 copies of How to Handle a Heartbreaker available through a Goodreads contest. All you have to do to enter to win is follow the link and enter your information. They pick a random winner. Contest ends July 8th!  Good luck!
Coming Soon!

A Major Seduction

Book 2 in the Good to Go series

Release Date: June 17, 2014

A Novella

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Kobo | ARe

His little sister’s best friend has grown up…too much…for this Marine to handle—without a little discipline to keep her in check. 

Major Mike Cava has worked hard not to see Maria Thompson as anything but his baby sister’s best friend. Not an easy feat when Maria’s done her best to throw herself at him for years. Except in the two years since he’s seen her last, Maria has grown way up. Good God, she’s stunning. But now that he’s really seeing her, she isn’t seeing him.

Maria spent the past fourteen years mooning over a man who never saw her as anything but a little girl, and she’s done. Or so she tries fooling herself. She’s twenty-four years old, and it’s past time she grew up and over him. But now Mike’s giving her “those” looks. Oh, wow.

With the help of her best friend—Mike’s sister—she’ll prove she’s more than woman enough to handle him. His dominance, his kink in the bedroom, his huge, hot body. But just when she thinks they can make a go of it, he pulls back. She can’t do it anymore. Loving, being hurt, loving, being ignored. This time if Mike wants her, he’ll have to prove it. She’s done.

And he’s just realized he might have made the biggest mistake of his life in pushing her away…



“I didn’t realize knitting was so exciting.” Mike stared from his sister to Maria and raised a brow. As usual, the man intimidated just by breathing. He stood heads above her, probably at six three or four. He wore jeans and a tight T-shirt. The breadth of his chest, the size of his biceps and thighs, and his amazing washboard abs gave him a power over Maria she should have found embarrassing.

When she could stop wheezing, she’d blush. She knew she would.

“You okay?” Mike frowned.

Olivia elbowed her in the side.

“Ow. Fine.” She coughed. “Er, just had something go down the wrong way,” Maria rasped and coughed again to give truth to the lie. “So what can we help you with, Mike? Looking for knitting needles? Yellow yarn? A fold-away cutting station?”

He laughed. “Yeah, right. I’ll get right on knitting as soon as I finish my needlepoint.”

Olivia leaned closer to Maria and confided, “He did make a latch hook Snoopy rug when he was little. He finished his before I did.”

“Hey. Mom made me.” Mike flushed.

God, he was hot. Maria cleared her throat. “So what can we do for you?"

He stared at her and frowned. Even his annoyance attracted her. So not fair. She concentrated on being done with him. Trying hard to forget her crush. Really trying.

“Mike?” Olivia prodded.

“Just wanted to see if her date went okay.”

“Oh?” Olivia exchanged a puzzled look with Maria.

Maria explained, “Bobby and I were walking on the beach and passed by Mike last night. I hadn’t even thought about it. It’s just so easy to park near the house and access the beach there.”

“Right.” Olivia had a crafty look Maria recognized. But she sounded blasé when she asked Mike, “So what now? She’s fine.”

He opened his mouth then closed it. His brows drew closer together. “So did he?”

“Did who what?” Maria asked, not sure what he wanted from her.

“Did Bobby ‘go down on you’ again?” he growled. “He was dying to, remember?”

Olivia gaped at him.

Maria didn’t know what to say.

“Well?” He put his hands on his trim hips, and his biceps looked like fleshy boulders.

Olivia turned to her with a huge grin on her face. “Did he?”

“Oh my God. No, he did not.” She turned and snapped at Mike, “Not that it’s any of your business. What the hell is your problem?”

All the tension seemed to deflate from him. “Oh. Good.”

“Good?” She didn’t know what to think. “Where the hell do you get off asking me about my sex life? I’m twenty-four years old, not twelve. Besides, I don’t ask you how many bimbos suck you off on a daily basis.”

“Whoa.” Olivia looked from her to him and held up her hands in surrender. “Easy, guys.”

“You want to know, just ask me.” This Mike she’d never before seen. And wow, she wanted to get to know this angry, sexy, forceful man like nobody’s business.

“Well, I don’t want to know. I’ll be in the back room.” Olivia escaped to the office and closed the door behind her, leaving Maria and Mike alone together.

“Go ahead. Ask.” Mike crossed his arms over his chest.

“I don’t want to know,” she said primly. “But if I want Bobby to eat me out, I’ll ask him. And fuck you very much if you don’t like it.”

He just stared at her. After a moment, he said, “Nice mouth, princess.”

“Whatever. Mike, get out.”

“Wait. What?”

“Buy something or get out. I’m running a business, not a charity. Seriously though, my love life is not your concern.” Not that it had been in middle or high school either, yet he’d still taken it upon himself to look out for her.

“It is.”

“Excuse me?”

An older lady took a step inside the store.

Mike turned around to see who’d entered, still glaring, and the woman turned around and left. He looked at Maria again and scowled. “You’re like my little sister.”

“I am not your sister. At. All. And you know, I’m glad.”


“Because you’re an asshole.” She let her festering anger free. “I can date or fuck whoever I please. You don’t like it, too bad.”

He stomped three steps to the counter and loomed over her. “I care about my sister. I care about you.”

Not the way I wish you would. “I’ve been living without you for a long time, Mike. My little-kid crush disappeared years ago. I have sex. I like sex. And I like men. There. Now you have the deets about my love life. Buy something or get out.”

He grabbed a ball of yarn and set it before him. “There. Look. I didn’t mean to piss you off. I’m just not used to you—”

“Not following you around like a puppy dog? Lapping up any stray form of affection? God, I was pathetic. But no more. I deserve a guy who wants me for me. Besides, you’re too old. You’re what, thirty-four?”

“Thirty-one,” he bit out.

“I’m twenty-four and in the prime of my life. I need to live a little, you know? Hell, you can barely handle me saying the word ‘fuck.’ Imagine me doing it.” She wiggled her brows, pleased beyond measure when his expression darkened and his gaze traveled from her mouth to her breasts and back up to her eyes.

Holy shit. Mike Cava had just given her the proverbial eye-fuck!

“Imagine, hmm?”

Excited but not willing to be drawn into a conversation that would inevitably backfire and have him scurrying away, she shrugged off the discussion. “That’ll be four-nineteen.”


“For the yarn.”

He reached into his pocket and slapped a five on the counter. “Keep the change.” He leaned closer still, until she could feel his breath on her lips. “Honey, you want to play footsie with your guy friends, fine. But keep that shit away from my sister.”

“Because she’s all virginal and pure? Please.” She laughed at him, knowing Olivia would find that funny as hell. The girl acted all prudish, but she liked sex as much as Maria did.

His eyes looked so dark she’d swear they were black. “Please, what?”

She felt as if she’d fallen under a spell. She wanted to look away but couldn’t even blink. He licked his lips, and she did the same. “What?”

“Please, Sir.” He reached his big hand forward and caressed her neck, and her entire body lit on fire.

“Sir?” she squeaked.

“Yeah, that’s what they call me unless they want a good spanking.” He gripped her chin with enough firmness to make his point.

And don't miss the final book in the Good to Go series,
releasing in July!


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