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Science Sub Camp
June Newsletter

Hello again Scientists!
There are less than 9 weeks to go until the start of WINGS 2014!  I hope all your preparations are going well and you're getting excited for a fantastic week of new cultures and experiences?  Some of our sub camp team met up at an all-staff meeting during May.  We're all now very busy planning our gateway and getting our sub camp programme together, amongst other things.  We've got some programme information for you this month, along with a few reminders, so read on for more..

..But before all of that, I'm very excited to tell you that we have a sub camp logo. Doesn't it look great

Programme Info


We need you to help us recreate the board game ‘Mousetrap’, on a gigantic scale, for part of our evening programme! As a unit, you need to build a small section of the course, before getting to WINGS.  Your section could be a Barbie doll at the top of a zip wire, a line of giant dominoes, a wind-up car racing down a slope to knock over a tower of bricks... anything with stored potential energy. The section must be triggered by a small push (about the amount of energy you'd use to activate a doorbell) at a height of 1 metre, and finish by supplying a trigger push to the next groups' section, at the same height.  We'll line up all your creations, which should be able to set off the final section, built by the sub camp team!  Prizes will be awarded for creativity! Why not send photos of your design and construction phases in, to be included in the next of the newsletter? If you have any questions, please email:

Guest Talks
As part of our sub camp programme, we'll be running a series of talks by some special scientific guests. All will be revealed at WINGS itself, but they'll be a lot more exciting than a normal Science lesson!
Is anyone from your unit (leader or young person) going to be celebrating a birthday during WINGS? If so, drop Flic an email ( with their name, the unit they're in and which day they'll be celebrating.

Linked Units
If you are from an international unit, or are the UK link group for a unit from overseas, don't worry! You will be camping in a larger pitch with your partner unit, to allow you to easily share equipment.
WINGS Merchandise
As you know, you can order pink sub camp clothing through the shop online. Merchandise may be available at the camp itself, but there is no guarantee there will be much there for very long, so it's recommended that you get it in advance.
WINGS Got Talent
We are still taking entries for WINGS Got Talent. If your unit has a talent that you want to show off, email our programme manager, Adam, telling him the name of your unit, how many people are involved and what it is you want to do.

World Fair
I hope your plans are going well for the World Fair? Don't forget, we need you to create a stall that shows something about the area where your unit is from. All the information you need is on the news page of our website. Your activity must be risk assessed.
Fancy Dress
Don't forget we'll be hosting a fancy dress Science party on our sub camp, so get creating your costumes! How about dressing up as a nutty Scientist, or maybe you could make an atom outfit?! The more creative, the better!

Once again, that is everything for this month. As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch using the information in the side bar.  Until next time, happy Scouting and Happy Guiding!

Science Communications Manager
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Did you know?
Francis Crick was born in June 1916. He played a major part in discovering the structure of DNA.


Did you know?
Butterflies can taste food just by standing on it, as they have taste receptors in their feet!!


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