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Welcome to the penultimate Unit Newsletter for Wings 2014.

We have a huge amount of information in this edition – so we would urge you to take your time to digest it all. Whilst everything in this edition is important – please take particular note of the arrival arrangements.

The relevant article on this subject mentions that the Admin and Security teams need to receive, check and process 7,000 people on arrival day – which if everything goes smoothly will be a challenging task. It will be immeasurably harder if the Units and Participants don’t work with us by not respecting the processes we have laid down – and the arrival times you have been allocated.
So please digest the process – be prepared and ready upon arrival – and we will get you processed as efficiently as we can.

We sincerely hope that your plans are progressing well – and we look forward to meeting you upon arrival

Wings Admin Team



This document is provided as instruction to persons attending WINGS2014, either as staff or participants, to advise what to expect and manage your expectations of the arrival process.

We have to manage getting about 7000 people onto the site within a short time window. It works out as an average of 1 person every 1.7 seconds, quite a task and strict compliance with these instructions is essential to a smooth arrivals experience.

Parking on our site is at a premium and as we are also trying to minimise our environmental impact, generally and specifically on the Windsor Great Park, we ask all Staff and Participants to minimise the number of vehicles that attend the site and if possible get dropped off (or use alternative transport)  to minimise the vehicle traffic and parking on this Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Cavalry Review
Ground, Queen Anne’s Gate,
Windsor Great Park,


All vehicles attending the site will need to display a WINGS2014  permit in the windscreen BEFORE they approach the site.  The car park and entrance from the road is closed to the public and therefore only WINGS2014 traffic will be allowed.

Please ensure that all drivers of your vehicles, parents dropping off etc. are aware of the above and other relevant parts of this document .

Appropriate permits are to be completed online  from the WINGS2014 Website (  and then printed in colour, ensuring all the fields are completed. Failure to comply with this, will cause delay for yourself and others, once you come off the A332 and approach the site. 

Permit types

Drop off Vehicles             Drop Off Permit

Vehicles that are dropping off participants/staff with personal equipment. Cars will be parked on the hard standing car park.  Minibuses and Coaches will be parked on Grass parking (weather permitting).
These vehicles must be off the Great Park by 8pm.
Occupants will carry their personal kit onto site.
Temporary Group Equipment Vehicles                      Temp on Site Permit

These vehicles, carrying substantial group equipment that will be allowed to enter site to drop off at the sub camp before leaving the site . These vehicles will be parked on the Grass car park to allow the driver to obtain a wristband before entering the site.

This vehicle must be removed from the site immediately they are unloaded and re parked, off site. If for any reason the driver is not registered on the database, they will be issued with a VISITOR pass and will need to be escorted AT ALL TIMES by a leader of that group until they leave site.

These vehicles must be off the Great Park by 8pm.

Permanent Group Equipment Vehicles          Parking and Onsite Permit     
These vehicles, carrying substantial group equipment that will be allowed to enter site to drop off at the sub camp before being parked in the on site WINGS2014 parking area.

These vehicles will be parked on the Grass car park to allow the driver to obtain a wristband before entering the site. These vehicles are to leave the site immediately after they have unloaded and park in the designated parking area. 

Unless directed otherwise the vehicle is to leave the site and re-enter via the Staff Car Park Gate to the designated on site car park.

Large vehicles may be directed to other designated parking areas.

All these vehicles must be parked by 5pm.

Staff/Participant transport vehicles          Parking Only Permit

Vehicles that will be parked on site for the duration of WINGS with no expectation of moving. These vehicles will be parked on the Grass car park to allow the driver to obtain a wristband before entering the site via the Staff Car Park Gate to access the designated on site car park.

Staff/Participant transport vehicles that will be used during WINGS2014     Parking and Offsite Permit

Vehicles that will be parked on site for the duration of WINGS but with an expectation that access will be required during WINGS.

These vehicles will be parked on the Grass car park to allow the driver to obtain a wristband before entering the site. These parking passes will be issued by the relevant Team Leaders and cannot be downloaded from the website.

If you do not have this pass by the time you leave for WINGS2014,  download and use a Permanent Site Parking Permit and subsequently obtain this permit from your Team Leader to allow access to the correct parking area.

WINGS Vehicles

These passes will be issued by WINGS Security/Site Services for the appropriate vehicles.
Any vehicle with an inappropriate pass will be moved to a holding, area until an appropriate pass can be supplied.
All Groups will be advised of the approximate time they should arrive at Windsor Great Park on 2nd August.  Please ensure that parents’ vehicles do not arrive on site before Leaders in their Group.     

Traffic Management

Due to a Temporary Traffic Management Order put in place by the local authority,
  • Access to the site will be allowed only for traffic travelling  South from Windsor on the A332.
  • If coming from Ascot you will need to pass the site and return back South along the A332, after turning at the Windsor roundabout. AA signage will guide you .
  • On leaving the site you will have to turn Left on the A332 towards Ascot although you will shortly approach a roundabout allowing you to return North along the A332.

The Arrivals experience


Arrival from Thursday 31st August onwards
  • As you get close to  the Site area you will see WINGS2014 AA signage and WINGS2014 branding as you approach the entrance on the A332. 
  • You will be directed off the road into the entrance way by Safety and Security Staff who will  identify where you will be directed to  by the pass displayed in your windscreen.
  • You will need to collect your wristband from the Staff Registration team outside the main gate against production of photo ID. (Don’t forget to bring your Photo ID with you),
  • If you do not have any photo ID please contact Staff HR.  The driver will then enter the site in the vehicle, all passengers will enter on foot, to assist gate staff with scanning of their wristbands.
  • You will be directed to the parking area adjacent to staff camping area.
Participants - Saturday 2nd August

As you get close to  the Site area you will see WINGS2014 AA signage and WINGS2014 branding as you approach the entrance on the A332. 
  • You will be directed off the road into the entrance way by Safety and Security Staff who will  identify where you will be directed to  by the pass displayed in your windscreen. If no pass is displayed you will be directed to a parking area for the matter to be addressed.
  • Once directed to your designated off site parking area (as per your vehicle pass), you will then await your Group Leader who will attend the Reception Tent by the Main Site entrance to obtain wristbands to allow access to the site and your week of adventure.
  • Wristbands will only be issued to Group Leaders and not directly  to under18 participants.
  • Wristbands for under18 participants will be issued to the first leader from your group who attends the reception tent and it is their responsibility to ensure that they are issued to the correct participant and fitted correctly, before anybody enters the site.
  • Each adult participant will need to individually collect their wristband against photo ID (don’t forget to bring your Photo ID with you) If as an Adult you do not have Photo ID, please contact Participant Administration.
  • If your group is attending in separate vehicles please arrange with your Leader how and when you will gather for them to issue you the wrist bands.
  • Participants will enter the site carrying their personal kit via the main pedestrian entrance. (hopefully one every 1.7 seconds). Only group kit vehicles will be allowed on site, NOT personal kit vehicles.
Coaches/Minibuses (Participant Group Transport)etc
  • Once parked on the holding area ALL participants are to remain in the vehicle.
  • ONE adult will attend the reception tent and collect his wristband against photo ID and collect the u18 wristbands for the party. Once returned to the vehicle, they can issue the wristbands whilst other adults can attend to collect their wristbands.
  • If a coach party , once the group are ready, Site Services will assist to transfer group kit to the appropriate subcamp, on site transport and participants can enter the site with their personal kit via the main pedestrian entrance .
  • If your vehicle (non coach)  that is not staying for the week also contains Group equipment that needs to be delivered to your sub camp, please display either a Temporary On Site Permit  rather than Drop off permit, so that once passengers have been off loaded, you can take the vehicle into the subcamp to offload Group Equipment.
Once on site, there will be staff to guide you to the appropriate subcamp and hand you over to the Subcamp team, who will be facilitating your WINGS2014 experience.

If your vehicle is going to remain at WINGS201 and  also contains Group equipment that needs to be delivered to your sub camp, please display Parking and On Site Permit , rather than Drop off permit, so that once passengers have been off loaded you can take the vehicle into the  site, before going to the parking area.

Special needs.

 Special needs will be addressed on an individual  case by case basis, please flag any requirements to Safety and Security Staff once parked. Displaying a Blue Badge if you have one, may assist us.

Shuttle Bus

Shuttle Bus – Windsor Stations (Central and Riverside) to WINGS2014 Site
Date - Saturday 2nd August
Times – 08.30 – 17.00 (no coach between 11.30 and 12.30
Total Seats – 53
WINGS2014 Hosts – 1 at each station and 1 on coach
Shuttle Bus – WINGS2014 Site  to Windsor Stations  (Central and Riverside
Date - Saturday 9th August
Times – 07.30 – 16.00 (2nd driver to provide continuity of service)
Total Seats – 53
WINGS2014 Hosts – 1 on coach

Photo ID

Important Notice - All over 18's will be required to provide Photo ID on arrival at camp in order to obtain access to Wings. 

This can consist of
  • Passport
  • Photographic Driving license
  • Government issued ID card
Bus Pass issued by local or government authorities
If you or any over 18's in your group do not have photographic ID do not have photographic id then please contact so that we can make alternative arrangements for you.

Safety Information –
Gaz Bottles in Tents

Please ensure that your gaz bottles have a hose fitted that is the standard length or longer so that, as per Scout & Guide camping procedures, they can, as far as possible, be outside the tent and turned off when not in use.

The Site Team will be happy to help with this if needed.

Please remember that gaz lamps should never be taken into a small tent but only used in the larger tents where they can be set up safely.

I apologise if this advice appears to be elementary but we need to ensure that everyone has the same information.

Your co-operation in this will help us all to ensure a safe and happy camp.

Reminder - Catering Arrangements for Arrival Day

The catering team will not be in a position provide lunches on arrival day so please can you ensure that your Unit members bring a packed lunch or similar with them.

Getting the message home!

So that you can let your families and friends know what an amazing time you are having at WINGS 2014 we have made the following arrangements for outgoing post.

Everyone will receive a postcard in their welcome pack and we will also be selling additional postcards and stamps at the WINGS ‘ shops’.

These can then be put into the on-site post box and the site team will take them into Windsor for posting.

We will not be able to take individual items to the Post Office and purchase the necessary postage but will be able to post any letters/birthday cards etc. for you providing they already have the stamps on them.

We hope that you will find this a useful addition to the WINGS Experience.

Site address for birthday cards etc

Cavalry Review
Windsor Great Park,


Menu details





Larder boxes

These will be delivered to the sub camps on the Friday; timing will be dependent of sorting etc.

The contents is as follows
  1. Washing up liquid
  2. Jey type cloths
  3. Sponge scourers
  4. Plastic bin bags
  5. Matches
  6. Salt and pepper
  7. Tomato ketchup
  8. Mayonnaise
  9. Nutella spread
  10. Strawberry jam
  11. Tins of tuna
  12. Cling film
  13. Aluminium foil
  14. Fruit squash – orange and mixed fruit
  15. Tea
  16. Coffee
  17. Drinking chocolate
  18. Sugar
  19. Cooking oil
  20. Breakfast cereals
All these items can be replenished at the Swap Shop as when Units require them
Other items not included but available as required from the Swap Shop are as follows
  1. Milk
  2. Bread
  3. Margarine type spread
Note milk and bread will be delivered daily to the sub camps; the stock at the Swap Shop is for topping up requirements of the Units. (See note relating to Swap Shop)

Please can groups move the contents of the larder box to your own storage facilities and return the larder box via your sub camp to the food team for re- use."

Participant’s equipment

On top of your standard kit list for camping please can you include the following:-

1. Optional fancy dress – neon, superheroes, beach party and pirate.
2. Water activities – bring full change of clothes that will get wet and dirty, including shoes. 
3. Climbing – trainers
  1. Shoes suitable or hiking in.
  2. Trainers / wet boots / for water activities required, bare feet, flip flops or anything that can easily fall off will not be accepted. If a participant does not have the right footwear then they will not be allowed to take part.
  3. Long trousers and long sleeves for offsite Help It (14 – 17 year olds). Essential due to the nature of activities being undertaken.


We have launched the WINGS 2014 subcamp badges on the website,

Everyone will receive their subcamp badge and the central WINGS badge when they arrive. 
The sets seem to be quite popular so we have set have set up the ability for people to pre-order to that people who want to can buy a full set in advance, over 100 were pre-ordered in the first couple of days! 

Pre-ordering can be done by following the link on the badge page. The subcamp badge set consists of 7 badges and costs £5.  

Unit Payments

The deadline for all remaining payments is the end of June – if you have any questions or issues regarding this please email

CRB's and Camping Permits

Unit / Group leaders’ CRB and permits are the responsibility of your local District Commissioner as per our terms and conditions and standard Scouting and Guiding policy.
Please can all leaders ensure they comply with the appropriate associations policies. 

Please submit your permission to camp forms in the usual manner.
Scout NAN's will need the following information
Windsor and Eton DC
David Smith
Telephone 01753 542098
Guide REN (Permission) forms should be sent to the address below - Please mark your envelope with Wings Permission Form
Wings Permission Form
Sarah France
44 Stompits Road
SL6 2LE 

Group Helpers for Arrival and Departure


If you have any group helpers coming to Wings on arrival or departure day to either bring your equipment or to assist you with setting up/dismantling your site then they will need to be registered. 

Please ask you helpers to go to the main Wings website and then staff registration.  When registering use the qualifications box to advise you will be coming as day staff to deliver/collect group kit or to assist with site set up.  Please also advise if one or both Saturdays.

If you register as day staff for this purpose please ignore the fee request, as it is not applicable.  However no food or goody bag will be provided.

Please be aware you will require photo id to obtain your pass to allow access onto the Wings site.

A vehicle permit will also need to be obtained, watch out for separate details relating to permits.


Did you know?

  • We have the ordered 12,000 toilet rolls – with a top up if needed of   2,000
  • Each water storage bag on site holds 20,000 Litres

Wings Radio

Wings Radio will broadcast from the Squircle 24 hours a day on 87.9FM. You may wish to bring a portable radio to listen in.

The station is also open to visitors from 7am-10pm daily although there will be some exceptions such as during the opening and closing ceremonies.

Visitors are encouraged to request music or give out a message, maybe even a few minutes on the air.

Info Zone

The Squircle Info Zone is also open daily 7am-10pm to help with any questions such as things to do in Windsor, How to get somewhere or activity information.

If we cannot answer your question in the Info zone we can certainly point you in the direction of where you can get the answer.

The info Zone is not however able to deal with medical and safety issues but there is a security office and medical triage centre located close by who will be able to help.
Also in the Squircle is the chill out zone where you can simply take some time to relax or simply turn up and take part in a range of flexible drop-in activities available throughout the week.

Programme information

From 7pm-10pm nightly we will be offering a complete program of events on the istage in the Squircle.

There will be a varied program throughout the week as follows:
Saturday – Welcome to Wings all day
Sunday – The Great Squircle Game Show
Tues – Live Band
Weds – Wings on Wednesday
Thurs – Subcamp Party night
Friday – Farewell our Friends

New Activity - Zorbing

An exciting new activity has just been confirmed – Zorbing! This is something which we do need parental permission for so we have updated the form, but some of you have already completed your forms.  If you have  already completed your forms please can you advise us of anyone in your group that needs to opt out of this activity .    Please contact and we will amend the participant’s records accordingly. 


Mobile Charging

  • PlugGO provides customers with a portable, ultra-lightweight external battery for their mobile device providing a great customer experience and meaning they don’t have to leave their phone behind anywhere to charge
  • Ultra-strong Samsung battery lasting for over 500 charges
  • Year-round customer support via email, website & social media
  • Deposit subsidised to £10 for Wings 2014 which includes the first charge. Customers then pay for additional charging at a rate of charge subsidised to just £2 for Wings 2014
How it works
1. Pay a deposit for the charger: £10 (incl. VAT)
2. Then receive a full charger and matching cable for their phone.
3. They can immediately start charging whilst enjoying the event:
listening to music, taking photos, sharing experiences, having fun with
their friends…
4. After two hours the phone is charged and the charger is empty
5. Bring back the empty charger to us and exchange it for another
full one for just £2 (incl. VAT), which should see the user through another
action-packed day
6. If they no longer want a charger, they can reclaim the balance of their
deposit (£10-£2 = £8). We take back the charger, recharge it and it
goes back into the system.
There is a possibility or option that the charger can be kept and taken home and people do not receive their security deposit. This means that people can continue using their Chargers because they find that the chargers are useful or enjoy the memory of the event, or both.


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