New glass, tools & supplies coming from Bullseye!
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Bullseye Glass Co.

Extend your reach with the new glass styles and new tools and supplies we've just added to the Bullseye product line!

Bullseye Catalog 11 - shipping soon!

In approximately three weeks, our new product catalog will ship to customers who've requested a copy!

In addition to product and technical information, the publication includes profiles of inspiring artists, including Emily Nachison, Michael Rogers, and Karlyn Sutherland.

Just can't wait? Download a PDF of Catalog 11 now.

New Sheet Glass

Petrified Wood

002971-0030 (Price Code E)
A new magic unicorn streaky. Each sheet is a swirling reactive dreamscape of moss, geologic caramel, and jewel tones. Heatwork heightens the interplay. Expect variation. 

Red Reactive Clear

001019-0030, -0050, -0031, -0051 (Price Code D)

The latest addition to the series that includes Reactive Cloud Opal (000009) and Reactive Ice Clear (001009). This new style creates a vibrant red fired in contact with many copper-bearing glasses.


New Cascade Streakies

Sheet glass formed by combining two colors of molten glass. One color makes up the sides, while a second color flows down the center. This gives each sheet distinct color areas as well as gradient transitions.

Black, White Cascade

002213-CA30 (Price Code C)

Warm White, Pine Green Cascade

002941-CA30 (Price Code C)

Warm White, True Blue Cascade

002964-CA30 (Price Code C)

White, Light Silver Gray, Cascade, Silver Irid
002249-CA37 (Price Code C)

New Suffix Codes

Note new 4-letter/digit suffix codes for some streakies. The first two letters indicate a specific mix. CA indicates a Cascade mix, while IN indicates an Infusion mix. The last two digits of the code remain the same and refer to thickness and treatment: CA30 is 3 mm, and CA37 is 3 mm with silver irid, etc. 

Also, we've unified the 6-digit style code for French Vanilla, Lt. Turquoise Blue Cascade (002537) and French Vanilla, Lt. Turquoise Blue Infusion (formerly 002637). They now have the same style code (002537) but are differentiated by new suffix codes: 

002537-CA30 (Cascade)
002537-IN30 (Infusion)

PLUS: All streakies in the Bullseye product line are now available in 3 mm (-0030)!

New Irids

Light Silver Gray, Silver Irid

001429-0037 (Price Code B)

Medium Amber, Gold Irid

001137-0038 (Price Code B)

New Stringers

Six new styles are available in thicknesses of 1 mm (-0107) and 2 mm (-0272).  Packaged by volume. A tube of 1 mm stringers contains approximately 123. A tube of 2 mm stringer contains approximately 50.

Cream Opal

000420-0107, -0272

Deep Plum

001105-0107, -0272

Moss Green Opal

000241-0107, -0272

Pea Pod Opal

000312-0107, -0272

Sea Blue

001444-0107, -0272

Slate Gray Opal

000236-0107, -0272

New Streaky Frit

Introducing Streaky Frit! Available in all gauge sizes: Powder (-0008), Fine (-0001), Medium (-0002), Coarse (-0003), Extra Large (-0005). Sold in 5 oz., 1 lb., and 5 lb. jars

Caribbean Blue, White


Mint Green, Deep Forest Green


White, Dark Brown


New Rods

Celadon Opal

000207-0576 (Price Code C)

Cream Opal

000420-0576 (Price Code D)

Indigo Opal

000148-0576 (Price Code C)

Moss Green Opal

000241-0576 (Price Code C)

Warm White

000920-0576 (Price Code C)

New Molds

Square Nesting Plates

8757   5.5" x 5.5" (14 x 14 cm)
8758   7" x 7" (18 x 18 cm)
8759   8.6" x 8.6" (22 x 22 cm)


8788   11.9" x 2.1" (30 x 5 cm)
Note: The measurements given here are for the outer dimensions of the mold. This is to help you determine whether a given mold will fit in your kiln. Since they are handmade, individual molds will vary in size.

New (and Updated) Kilns

Paragon CS-26 Bullseye Edition

NEW A great choice for flat fusing and shallow slumped vessels. More spacious than the BenchTop-16 or Pearl-22. Easy access for loading/arranging projects.

Paragon BenchTop-16 w/12 key controller

UPDATED The perfect sized kiln for the perfect price, now with 12-key Sentry 2.0 digital controller. Ships by UPS, runs on a standard 120-volt outlet–no special wiring required.
PLUS: New display options and additional tools for glass cutting, printing with glass, kilncasting, and more.

New Glass Products for 2016 - PDF
New Tools & Supplies for 2016 - PDF

Bullseye Glass Co. is a leader in promoting glass art worldwide through quality production of colored glass for art and architecture, research and education, and the exhibition of innovative glass art in its galleries.

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