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New Wind Cup Design with Stainless Steel Axle

SailTimer was founded in 2005, when we realized that no GPS chartplotter or software uses tacking distances to calculate ETA or VMG.  That is still true, but our patented tacking calculations are available in the free SailTimer CE app (and in the MacENC desktop software).  When mobile apps became available, we realized that tacking results work better if wireless wind data could be sent to smartphones/tablets, leading to the development of the SailTimer Wind Instrument™.  It is in the 5th generation now, and we continue to add improvements. 

After extensive testing through the past summer on a variety of materials and engineering designs, the Wind Instrument is now shipping with a new wind cup design.  It still looks the same on the outside, but there is a new bushing inside with a new stainless steel axle, for improved wear-resistance and silent operation in high winds.  Replacement cups can be ordered on the web site (where disassembly instructions are available).  The upgraded cups are still strong and bendy, and the new axle fits in the same base. 

With a new appliance or electronics these days, it is often quickly surpassed by changing technology.  But with the Wind Instrument, new apps and features are also coming out all the time that actually improve it over time.  "SailTimer" was originally founded to develop navigation software to correctly calculate your sail time to a waypoint, accounting for tacking distances.  We have never stopped innovating.   Stay tuned for more from us in the coming months on the next generation of crowdsourced wind maps, which will allow you to see local wind zones up ahead, and display a series of optimal tacks through those to your next waypoint.  That has never been possible before.

METS.jpgMETS:  Nov. 13-15 2018 in Amsterdam. Booth 07.313. 

METS:  The Marine Equipment Trade Show is the world’s biggest B2B leisure marine equipment show.  SailTimer products will begin to be available in retail stores in the USA in 2019, and we will be at METS to start to set up retail channels in Europe and internationally.  Because we ship from Canada, our shipments are duty-free to the European Union (under CETA), USA and Mexico (under NAFTA/USMCA) and also countries including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan under the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  If you would like to discuss retailing the Wind Instrument and see it first-hand, please stop by our booth in Hall 7.

NEW RETAILER IN AUSTRALIA:  Madman Marine has taken on the development of the Android version of the popular iRegatta app.  We are still working out some of the details, but Australians can now order the Wind Instrument and/or Air Link locally from their web site.







SailTimer Wind Instrument:  Advanced features, low price. 

No wires to install down the mast because it uses Bluetooth LE and solar power.  As Wikipedia notes, Bluetooth Low Energy has an official transmission distance of >330 feet (>100m). The Wind Instrument gets less than this because the electronics are encapsulated, but still more than enough for keelboats with a mast that can fit under a standard 65-foot (20m) bridge.

We don't usually have factory seconds with our new manufacturing methods, but we do happen to have one available now with a small cosmetic blemish on each side.  Please email if interested and we'll reply back if it is still available.

The Wind Instrument works with lots of apps on Android and iOS.  No 12v battery required, so you can even have full chartplotting and wind electronics on a sailing dinghy.  (Yes, it is submersible.)  Digital compass right in the wind direction arrow, so it works with a rotating mast.  The only anemometer designed for sailboats:  when sailing along heeled over, the wind cups turn into propellers to maintain equal accuracy.  You can even raise it for quick use without needing to lower or climb the mast. $350 - order here.



SailTimer Air Link:  Connects wired and wireless devices. 

The Air Link can receive Bluetooth transmissions from the Wind Instrument, and has wiring terminals to send wind data to NMEA 0183 devices. 

If you have a wired anemometer, the Air Link can also retransmit all incoming NMEA data on wifi to mobile apps such as MID WiFi, Sail Buddy, iSailor, NMEA Sail or iRegatta. 

It can even let you check the wind and temperature on your boat in a web browser from home or office.  $299 - details here.



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