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Wireless Anemometer for Small-Boat Sailors

The wireless SailTimer Wind Instrument™ is the first-ever masthead anemometer for centerboard sailboats, trailer-sailors, small multihulls, and racing dinghies.  Now small-boat sailors can have full chartplotting, wind electronics, GPS speed, GPS tracks, and tacking calculations. 

In 2012, SailTimer Inc. made the first masthead anemometer in the world that worked with smartphones and tablets.  The new Wind Instrument has been very popular this year, and often sold out.  But we have it in stock now, with a special discount price for small boats of US $399.99

The Wind Instrument is submersible, which is important on small boats.  Towards the end of this 2-minute YouTube demo, you can see it underwater.  It detaches quickly, with no tools at all if using a wing nut to lock it.  It has a small vertical design.  You don't need to have a 12-volt battery on board. 

It is also setting new standards because it is the only anemometer with a digital compass built into the tail of the wind direction arrow.  It does not need to know which way the boat is heading to know the wind direction.  For coaches and race officials, this also means that it works while anchored too.


The next inventory is now in stock.   Later this fall we are going to announce a larger version of the Wind Instrument with features designed for bluewater boats, keel boats and masts over 20 feet (6 m).  But if you have a small or trailerable sailboat with a mast under 20 feet (6 m), the existing Wind Instrument is just right and can be shipped to you now. Also makes a great holiday gift.



Mounting Rod for Small Boats

The standard mounting rod has a loop on the side in case you want to raise it on a halyard. Then it is long enough to cantilever above the masthead, and hold the Wind Instrument in clear air above the sail. But if you don't want that height or have a small sailboat where the mast comes down easily, the new shorter version is a new option on the Accessories web page. It is marine-grade stainless steel, and the same sturdy machinework as the standard Mounting Rod, although this shorter version is 9.7 cm tall in total (3.8 inches). 


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