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Wind and Route Maps on Free Charts in Any Browser

View your tacking route and wind conditions in any web browser at  As you move, watch your GPS track in real time on seamless vector charts.  For safety, like filing a float plan before a trip, someone ashore can check on your location and wind conditions in any web browser.  You can also replay your GPS track and wind conditions later for performance analysis. Handy for cruisers, racers, coaches and even some special features for mark-setting by race officials.

Select your boat on the map to view live wind conditions from home or office (click to enlarge).

If you have a wired anemometer on your boat, you can use the SailTimer Mini-Server™ to send your wind data to  Or if you have the wireless SailTimer Wind Instrument™, send your GPS and wind data to the cloud server from a smartphone or tablet.  View live, replay, or view previous wind conditions on a historical graph.  

We are also in the process of providing the wind and GPS data as a chart overlay to other apps.  The SailTimer™ app on iOS was the first to include this crowdsourced overlay, and AFTrack ST on Android should be making a similar announcement soon. Then you can use a web browser, or if you are using navigation features in the app, you can see or replay your trips and races with wind conditions right in the chartplotter app.  We are also in the process of adding the patented SailTimer™ optimal tacks and Tacking Time to Destination (TTD ®) to, so that these tacking results are easily accessible on all platforms.

Free Worldwide Marine Charts

It is challenging getting the same features in the SailTimer™ apps on Android and iOS, and getting marine charts for all countries where sailors want to use the apps. SailTimer Inc. worked out the first chart licensing for mobile apps with the hydrographic offices in Canada and the UK.  But in Australia, which has a major sailing community, there is no georeferenced raster chart data available to allow us to display Australian charts in the SailTimer chartplotter apps on iOS.  But after 6 years of working on cross-platform solutions, we have good news for Australians (and everyone else too!).  As in this example of an Australian chart, you can now use any web browser to view seamless marine charts with your GPS tracks and wind conditions at

GPS tracks & wind barbs on each boat (click to enlarge).

Sailboat races can also be viewed live or replayed in any browser this way.  This used be very expensive to produce, but is now easily accessible in any web browser.  Here’s the cool part:  there is a Demo Replay at that you can try out in about 2 minutes, at Events > View > Demo. That is a quick and easy way to try it out. The demo is America’s Cup 45 catamarans, in the lead-up to the 2013 America’s Cup, racing in Naples Italy.

If you notice the little yellow person in the lower right corner above, you can even use Google Street View at  Drag the yellow person icon onto a road anywhere in the world, and look around at the actual view from that location.  Then go back to the marine charts.  Pretty amazing.



SailTimer Wind Instrument™:  Advanced features, low price.  The only anemometer designed for sailboats; the blades are wind cups when the boat is upright, but turn into propellers when sailing along heeled over.  Easy to install because it is wireless.  Has a digital compass built in to the wind direction arrow.  Works with lots of apps.  Submersible and small enough for sailboats of all sizes.  If your boat is already in the water, the clever design swings it up above the masthead on a halyard, without having to lower or climb the mast.   

The 2017 model is coming out of the factory shortly.  If you have a pre-order already, it is difficult for us to project exact shipping dates in advance, but all orders should be shipped out from late May into June, in the sequence orders were received.  By summer the manufacturing will hopefully be scaled up to keep up with the worldwide demand for this popular new product, with inventory in stock for next-day shipping.  Until then, you can still get a place on the waiting list for the earliest delivery at a pre-order discount price of $350

SailTimer Mini-Server™:  Connects wired and wireless devices.  Connect your wired anemometer to mobile apps. Or connect your wireless Wind Instrument to your wired GPS chartplotter. Either way, the Mini-Server lets you view a wind gauge in any web browser.  Attractive, small, rubber-coated design for durability and protection against moisture. 

The Mini-Server is the only device that can receive Bluetooth from the SailTimer Wind Instrument™ and connect on wires to your GPS chartplotter or autopilot.  Also the first and only NMEA-to-wifi device with crowdsourcing to exchange data with live wind maps.  So if you have the Mini-Server you can check live wind conditions on your boat from home or office. $299.99 in stock now



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