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Wireless Wind Instrument - Free Notification List

SailTimer Inc. released the first-ever anemomter that could transmit to mobile devices in 2012, and started shipping the next generation called the SailTimer Wind Instrument™ this year.  Those are now in use in some 25 different countries worldwide.  They have been sold out, but we are now ramping up our inventory, both for online orders and retailers.  You can see all of the features and innovations for the Wind Instrument at  Although it is mostly being used with keelboats so far, this new design is small enough to use on trailer-sailers, racing dinghies, centerboard boats, multihulls and even sailing kayaks like the one in the photo below. No 12-volt battery is required onboard, and there are no wires to run down the mast and through the boat.  It is submersible.  It works on rotating masts.  It is also the only anemometer in the world with a digital compass built right in to the wind direction arrow. 


The free notification list is available now, and shipping of the next inventory is expected to start in the first week of November (in time for the holiday season). You can add your name to the notification list by clicking the button below. In a few weeks, there will be a notice sent out to everyone on the notification list, letting you know that shipping starts soon, and when ordering is available.

The retail price will be $499.99 US with the shipments starting in November, but orders on the notification list get a special discount price of $449.99.



Mounting Rod for Small Boats

The standard mounting rod is especially useful on keelboats, in case you want to raise it on a halyard. Then it is long enough to clear the masthead, and hold the Wind Instrument in clear air above the sail. But if you don't want that height or have a small sailboat, the new shorter version is a new option on the Accessories web page. It is marine-grade stainless steel, and the same sturdy machinework as the standard Mounting Rod, although this shorter version is 9.7 cm tall in total (3.8 inches). 


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