Black Friday Bonus Pack
New Stock Arriving This Week

The new Wind Instrument RB™ is available with a special Black Friday Bonus Pack and free shipping.  With the current waiting list from being sold out, we are currently shipping new orders in the first week of December. Orders ship out in the sequence received, so order now for earliest delivery.

The Bonus Pack accessories include an extra lithium LFP battery, an extra 9" mounting rod/fasteners for home or wharf, and a quick-release nylon wing nut ($53.91 total value), plus free worldwide FedEx air delivery to your doorstep.  Only until Black Friday (November 29th). 

The SailTimer Wind Instrument RB™ has an ingenious design with the battery used as a counterweight in the nose cone. It is solar-powered, so no wires to install down the mast.  The battery is replaceable, and can easily be put in a wall charger to top up in the off-season. When not transmitting on Bluetooth, this new model uses an amazing 80% less power than previous models. It now comes with a new stainless steel axle and miniature ball bearings. It transmits in the range of 280' (85m) with line of sight, for even the tallest mast. At $550, it has the best features and lowest price.  

The Android version of the free SailTimer tacking app (above right) can show the optimal tacks through your entire waypoint route, and will be in the Google Play store shortly (announcement here soon). Navionics vector charts can be imported into the Sailtimer tacking app on iOS and Android. If you are sailing in familiar waters where you don't need charts, you can turn on Audio Navigation to hear wind speed, wind angle and boat speed when they change by more than a set amount. And you can keep a record of your adventures by saving your GPS track like this. 

SailTimer made the first masthead anemometer that could be raised without needing to climb or lower the mast.  You can pull it up on a halyard to use until you can get at the masthead (details in Owner's Manual and in mounting accessories).  Or, here is a great review of how easy it is to go up the mast with the Mast Mate in the mainsail track.
For boats big and small. Lightweight with carbon-fiber pointer. Solar-powered; no 12-volt battery required.

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