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UK charts

This month to celebrate summer sailing in Britain, we are pleased to announce a special package for sailors:  low-cost marine charts to go along with our free app and wireless anemometer. 

We have never seen prices this low on UK hydrographic charts.  You get all of England, Ireland and Scotland for under £6. 


Here's how to do the in-app purchase in the SailTimer app (or Charts Edition of the app). Under Options\Marine Charts, you can do an in-app purchase to download the charts right on to your iPad, iPhone or iPod.  You have a choice of streaming charts as you move the view around, or downloading all resolutions for the area in view. You don't need to download the entire region all at once. Once cached, you can use the charts with no internet connection.  On the Marine Charts panel, there is also an option to put high-resolution insets for harbors on top to see on the main chart in view, or below to zoom down into.

+Low-cost NOAA
US charts

Free app and 99¢ charts:  From now until June 30th you can get the official US hydrographic charts in the SailTimer app (or Charts Edition) for 99 cents! 


Get the app in iTunes.  Under Options - Charts, you'll see the NOAA charts for all US waters, with large regions to choose from. 

Even our regular price for large US chart regions is a steal, compared to traditional prices for paper charts and cartridges. But it is pretty hard to beat a free chartplotter app, advanced sailboat navigation functions AND huge chart regions for 99-cents. 

Plus, if you have our wireless Wind Vane, as the wind changes the app updates your tacking results automatically. 


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Full chartplotter with advanced tacking results in a
Free App

The SailTimer app is a full chartplotter for your iPad, iPhone or iPod. It will overlay your optimal tacks on a chart, and calculates your Tacking Time to Destination.  The app is FREE in countries where we have hydrographic charts available (where it is called the Charts Edition).



SailTimer Wind Vane:
Summer Sale

Solar-powered.  Wireless.  And on sale for $579 (£374 approx.).  They won't last long at this price.  We are the manufacturer, so there is no middleman or retailer markup. We even offer free shipping. Order online while supplies last. 

With the SailTimer Wind Vane, you can use the beautiful display on your smartphone or tablet, and don't need to buy an extra viewing screen or GPS chartplotter (which will only sit in storage during the off-season). 

Because the Sailtimer Wind Vane is wireless, there are no wires to install down the mast, through the cabin walls and under the cockpit to the helm.  That also means less weight and noise in the mast than with a standard anemometer.

This is the only masthead anemometer that can send wind data through the air to an iPad, iPhone or iPod.  It uses wifi and works with a variety of apps.

With the SailTimer app, if you have real-time wind data being sent from the SailTimer Wind Vane, it lets you get amazing tacking results.  Display a graph of wind and boat speeds for the day.  Show both True and Apparent wind speed and direction.  Generate polar plots for your individual boat. 


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